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Enhanced Water continues to benefit from the globally prevailing health and wellness trends. Growing consumer appreciation of the functional benefits of enhanced water versus plain packaged water, or more sugary alternatives has fueled take-up. Enhanced waters in easy-to-carry packaging are highly suited to consumers’ increasingly busy lifestyles and ’on-the-go’ consumption trends. Non-carbonated variants dominate the category profile, with regular having little representation globally.

Overall consumption rose by 6%, with Asia and North America at the forefront. Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in the functional benefits and low calorie attribution of enhanced waters. While the category is subject to some competition from sports drinks, energy drinks, and lower cost packaged water, producers are responding with innovative herbal and vitamin enhancements. Increasingly, enhanced waters are crossing over into a ’like sports drinks’ positioning.

In terms of flavor, lemon and plain have the highest presence. Plain is particularly prevalent in Eastern Europe, MENA, North America, and Western Europe. Coca-Cola’s Glaceau Smartwater has been a mover and shaker, in both Europe and North America. Lemon tops the ranking in Asia, while in Latin America lemon-lime is favored due to PepsiCo’s H20H! and Coca-Cola’s Glaceau Vitaminwater Multi-V.

PET’s durability bodes well for manufacturers, with consumer preference moving towards PET bottles, and away from other materials including board and metal. The use of PET capitalizes on growing trends towards brand transparency, ’on-the-go’ consumption and reinforces claim that the product is low in calorie, sugar, and additives.

Enhanced Water is anticipated to see continued volume and value growth over the forecast period, albeit at lower levels. Aside from flavor additions and ingredient innovation, the major international enhanced water producers will be focusing on distribution expansion and exploring new consumption occasion opportunities. More pack formats can also be expected in order to broaden listings in retail and tap into sustainability trends to enhance the category’s health and transparency credentials.

The report “Global Enhanced Water Report 2019” is an essential tool for companies active or planning to venture in to Global Enhanced Water (Soft drinks) market. The comprehensive statistics within the research handbook provides insight into the operating environment of the market and also ensures right business decision making based on emerging trends and industry model-based forecasting.

GlobalData considers Enhanced Water as unflavored or flavored water with added functional ingredients, e.g. vitamins, minerals, nutraceutical-types. Enhanced Water can be carbonated or non- carbonated. May or may not contain sweetening agents. May contain juice up to 14.9%.


Global Enhanced Water Report 2019 report covers over 8 global regions comprising of Africa, Asia, Australasia, Easter Europe, Western Europe, Latin America, North America and Middle East and North Africa, provides -

  • Top line value and volume growth data, % share by flavor, key companies, packaging and distribution (on-/off-premise), with forecasts.
  • Details of key new product launches by region.
  • Overview of the competitive landscape in the Enhanced Water market, with analysis of key company performance.
  • Insightful and valuable analysis of the drivers behind both current and emerging trends in the Enhanced Water market.

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