Sports Nutrition Ingredients Market is expected to grow considerably through 2032 owing to the increasing consumption of protein-based products by athletes and bodybuilders. Sports nutrition helps the body to promote fast recovery. It also delays the onset of fatigue, enhances body composition, strength, and concentration assisting in maintaining a healthy immune system, further reducing the risk of heat cramps and GI distress.

Overall, the sports nutrition ingredients industry is segmented in terms of product, form, age group, application, end-use and region.

Based on the product, the protein segment will be valued at over USD 1 billion by 2032. Increasing awareness regarding the benefits of consumption of protein for healthy body and a rise in health consciousness among consumers will bolster the product demand in functional foods and beverages and supplement applications. Besides, protein helps athletes build muscles, repair tissues, and make enzymes and hormones. In addition, protein consumption also helps in weight loss and toning the muscles.

By form, the liquid form segment is expected to grow considerably through 2032, as liquid sports nutrition ingredients are used for manufacturing beverages and personal care products. Liquid protein consists of shakes, yogurt, milk, and other supplements. Their ability to mix well with other products, a uniform texture, and easy consumption makes them a preferable form of sports nutrition amongst the health-conscious population.

Considering the age group, the millennial segment is anticipated to contribute to the market growth significantly. Rising demand for healthy drinks and foods in regular diets, especially after COVID-19, will fuel the growth prospects given their ability to support the overall body development.

In terms of application, the protein-based drinks segment will gain high traction during the estimated timeframe. The growth will be credited to the rising cognizance of protein-rich drinks worldwide as they help lessen the risk of diseases and improve the body’s physical condition.

Based on end-use, the bodybuilders segment is anticipated to depict noticeable gains through 2032. Growing demand for sports nutrition ingredients among bodybuilders can be attributed to the fact that proteins support the development of muscles. Moreover, they produce enzymes, nucleic acids, cellular messengers, hormones, and immune system components ideal for body building.

In terms of the regional context, the Asia Pacific sports nutrition ingredients market is anticipated to be valued at over USD 1.5 billion by 2032. The regional market growth will be majorly credited to the increasing economic development in countries such as China and India. Increasing health awareness among the people will also positively support the industry outlook in the region.