With constant innovations and growing adoption of smart technologies to serve customers, the smart home-based beverage machine market is set to register momentous growth in the forthcoming time period. The use of smart technologies is on the rise in several industries since digital applications have become more connective and automation promises a market-wide change.

Right from robots to smart factories driven by artificial intelligence, innovative smart technologies are driving the beverages vertical into a whole new digital era. The IoT automation technology is providing food & drink manufacturers the means to achieve the benefits offered by the fourth industrial revolution. The beneficial factors included are reduced production costs, and greater efficiency, thereby enhancing automation in the industry by the use of robotics and smart technologies.

Smart espresso or coffee making machine is one of the examples of the use of automation IoT technology. Several smart home industry players are introducing a variety of beverage machines such as juicers and coffee makers that come with an in-build compatibility to different smart home ecosystems such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Google Home.

By using a smartphone app, once can turn these beverage machines on or off or auto shutoff and turn it on based on set times as well. Not only this there are other smart beverage making machines in the market that are perfect for home use.

For instance, the Smart Coffee Machine 2.0, comes in with a grinder on the top. One can also select the options like strong, normal, or weak, whether to use beans or grounds, and also the amount of coffee to make and for how long it is to be kept hot. Through the app one can also check in the amount of water left in the tank.

Smart beverage machines for home use also includes juice machines which are capable of making fresh and healthy juice within seconds. They generally come in with a compact design suitable to fit easily on the countertop. The stainless-steel strainer delivers consistent juicing performance as well.

Smart home-based beverage machine market is bifurcated in terms of product, and regional landscape.

Based on product, the smart home-based beverage machine market is segmented into smart espresso machine, smart soda machine, smart juice machine, and smart water machine. Among these, the smart water machine will witness a CAGR of over 6% from 2020 - 2026 due to the increasing prevalence of water-borne diseases.

From a regional frame of reference, the Latin America smart home-based beverage machine market will witness considerable growth owing to the increasing household disposable income levels in the region and shifting consumer preference towards intelligent home technologies.