The global sudachi market is anticipated to witness significant growth by 2027 owing to high product usage across numerous application avenues such as beverage, bakery items, seafood, desserts, and sauces and dressings among others. Sudachi is a citrus fruit native to the Tokushima prefecture, which is located in Japan, and is also termed as citrus sudachi.

Even though sudachi is harvested and shipped in the form of unripe fruit with a blue peel, it turns yellow just like oranges when it is ripe. The fruit could be bought all year round if it is cultivated in hothouses. In terms of taste, the fruit has a very unique refreshing type of scent as well as a fragrant sourness just like lime.

The global sudachi market is segmented in terms of application, type, and regional landscape.

In terms of application, the overall sudachi market is categorized into beverage, food and others. The food segment is further classified into bakery, meat, poultry & seafood, sauces & dressings, deserts and others. Among these, the sauces & dressings segment is likely to witness 1.2% growth over the forecast time period. Sudachi along with yuzu is used in ponzu, which is a light and refreshing sauce comprising of vinegar, katsuobushi, seaweeds, and mirin.

The meat, poultry & seafood segment is expected to witness growth of 1.4% over the forthcoming time period. The native fruit is mostly squeezed over grilled fish dishes of Japan. Sudachi is known to lessen fishy smell as well as taste with its pleasant fragrance and tangy type flavor.

The bakery segment will witness more than 0.7% growth over the analysis timeframe. The juice of sudachi is also best for various different kinds of bakery items, such as pastry fillings and cakes. Meanwhile, the others food segment will record growth of 1.0% over the projected time period.

The others application segment is anticipated to register growth of 0.9% over the coming time period. Sudachi is known to have numerous health benefits apart from other benefits. It is known to reduce fatigue, helps in calcium absorption and regulating blood sugar levels. If consumed regularly, it can aid in boosting the overall immune system, lessen inflammation, and improve the blood circulation.

Based on type, the market for sudachi is classified into puree, juice, and others. Here, the others segment will witness growth of more than 0.8%. The outer layer of sudachi could be used as a condiment. Grated skin of sudachi or finely sliced skin is known to be an amazing condiment for Japanese style clear soup or several kinds of dishes.

From a regional frame of reference, LATAM market will witness growth of 1.1% over the coming time period.

While, sudachi market in Middle East & Africa currently holds a share of over 0.9% and will continue to exhibit similar kind of growth over the coming time period.