This research service provides a broad view of the autonomous shuttle market. It analyzes recent developments and key challenges and offers the latest updates on market size, forecasts, and regional trends. The study provides a detailed analysis of the autonomous shuttle markets in North America, Europe, and China and provides snapshots of the markets in the Middle East, Japan, and South Korea.

In the self-driving vehicle industry, autonomous shuttles are the closest to achieving commercialization, supported by technology maturity, a healthy vendor ecosystem, government aid, favorable regulations, and commercial viability. The study analyzes the different business models in the autonomous shuttle market and offers case studies of key shuttle deployments to help dissect how an average shuttle system operates. The study also focuses on the next generation of shuttles that are expected to be released into the market soon and provides an analysis of the most prominent autonomous shuttle pilot projects. Profiles on key market leaders have been included as well. The study examines the factors driving and restraining growth in this space and analyzes the opportunities emerging from the changes in the market for stakeholders and market players to leverage.