VoE is the voice of the employee that is collected and analyzed systematically using a VoE analytics tool. Businesses use VoE tools to collect employee ideas, grievances, suggestions, and requirements about the workplace to measure employee experience (EX) and engagement.

VoE data and insights are used to boost EX to increase employee retention, engagement, job satisfaction, and improve employee performance. EX is a top business priority because of the proven correlation between an engaged employee’s experience and a better customer experience. Therefore, employee listening, and voice of the employee (VoE) analytics solutions have become crucial areas of investment for businesses as customer retention surges in priority.

This report discusses the top three strategic imperatives on the global VoE industry, solutions used to gather VoE data, EX and CX correlation, VoE evolution over the years, aspects impacting EX and VoE in 2023, top 10 trends, growth drivers, restraints, and growth opportunities in the VoE analytics market.