The customer experience (CX) outsourcing services market has undergone a significant shift in the last few years. The market in Europe is characterized by demand for specific languages, small regional sectors, different requirements unique to certain countries, and increasing demand for nearshoring.

Evolution in the outsourcing industry has led to a shift as companies now focus less on factors such as cost, labor arbitrage, cold calls, and linear and inept approaches to handling incoming calls, and more on CX. The increasing focus on customer experience (CX) in the last five years has led to greater adoption of technology. As client and customer demands evolve, outsourcers are launching intelligent, automated, and self-service options to enhance CX. Technology-enabled solutions are being deployed to improve agent performance. Platforms, conversational AI, and bots are some of the technology-enabled outcomes helping outsourcers to create better experiences and improve customer satisfaction.

The new approach to CX comes with its own set of challenges, such as data privacy and security, integration with legacy systems, and balancing technology and value derived from investments. Outsourcers, however, are pursuing technology adoption in their attempt to add value and create better customer experiences.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the market and companies had to launch measures within a few weeks to deal with unprecedented government coping and containment mechanisms. The report expects a negative growth in 2020 in the market. If this situation starts to reverse by the year end, the market is expected to be back on a growth track in 2021.

This research will outline:
  • The CX services outsourcers ecosystem and services
  • The digital transformation of CX outsourcing services
  • Technology-enabled solutions deployed to enhance CX
  • CX outsourcing services market analysis
  • Growth opportunities for outsourcers

The report is illustrated with several examples indicating the approach of outsourcers to enhance CX using technology-enabled solutions.

Access to customer data requires outsourcers to deploy adequate security measures. Clients are at different levels of awareness on how technology can contribute to enhancing CX. Outsourcers are increasingly assuming the role of consultants and guiding clients on how they can deploy solutions and improve customer satisfaction. COVID-19 has brought business continuity into focus and outsourcers’ capabilities have been put to the test. Moving beyond traditional offerings, outsourcers must focus on partnering and expanding their ecosystem to adopt and enable flexibility and innovation strategies.

Key Issues Addressed
  • What are outsourcers doing to digitally transform CX?
  • What are some of the key recent developments that indicate outsourcer strategies?
  • What are the key market and vertical metrics?
  • What are the growth opportunities that outsourcers can take advantage of?
  • What are the key takeaways?