Global Vitamin A Market is expected to showcase massive growth by 2032, accredited majorly to the rising concerns among consumers regarding livestock health & food safety. Vitamin A is essential for many processes in the body, like maintaining healthy vision, ensuring a normal immune system and order functioning, and helping the proper growth and development of fetus in expectant mothers. All these benefits are slated to augment the market expansion during the estimated timeframe.

Overall, the vitamin A market has been segregated into products, types, applications, and regions.

Based on product, the pharmaceutical grade segment is poised to garner over USD 85 million by the end of 2032. Cosmetics & personal care products requiring high purity levels fall under this segment. In addition, the increasing use of pharma-grade vitamin A in exceptional personal care and cosmetic products, along with budding demand for anti-aging creams, moisturizers, sunscreen, and vitamin-infused oils, is anticipated to boost segment growth.

In terms of type, the synthetic segment is set to propel substantially by the end of 2032. The segment’s rapid growth is attributed to the increasing use of synthetic vitamin A by supplement and skincare manufacturers in different products. Vitamin A plays a vital role in maintaining skin health as it regulates the regular activities of skin cells. Rising demand in the growing cosmetics market due to increased disposable income and rising consumer standards will drive product demand in the future.

Considering the application perspective, the personal care & cosmetics segment is projected to grow at 6% CAGR during 2023 to 2032. Vitamin A is used in personal care products as it improves blood flow, enhances epidermal cell hydration, and retains facial glow. It also helps stimulate collagen growth, prevents aging breakdown and reduces the appearance of fine facial lines. All these factors are projected to increase product adoption and spur segmental expansion.

From the regional perspective, the MEA’s (Middle East and Africa) vitamin A market is slated to witness noticeable expansion through 2032. The MEA’s vitamin A market is driven majorly by the rising demand for vitamin A supplements, in line with several government initiatives. Besides, vitamins and nutritional supplements are among the developing industries in the Middle East and Africa, aided by increased health awareness, distribution network development, self-medication, and the unveiling of new brands, thus assisting the vitamin A market to grow significantly during the forecast timeframe.

Some key players operating in the vitamin A market are Zhejiang Medicine, BASF, Divi’s Nutraceuticals, DSM, Zhejiang NHU Co. Ltd., Adisseo, Zhejiang Tianhecheng Bio-technology Shares Co., Ltd, Xiamen Kingdomway Group, Nutrilo GmbH, Vitafor NV, etc.