Global collagen market is set to witness substantial growth through 2032 primarily owing to the expanding personal care sector.

Overall, the collagen market has been bifurcated in terms of product, source, form, application, and region.

On the basis of product, the collagen market is likely to be characterized by the gelatin segment. Collagen gelatins have a good amount of protein and amino acid and are functionally versatile and used in food products. Its consumption supports skin elasticity, boosts brain function, and improves the amount of collagen in the body.

Since it is widely used in cosmetics, medicines, food preparation, and food stabilizer, the demand for this segment is likely to be bolstered in the upcoming time. Moreover, a recognizable surge in the demand for gummies, jellies, marshmallows, and thickening agents would further propel the market progression.

In terms of source, the porcine collagen segment is set to witness huge demand in the market. It is mostly used in processed food products and promotes healthy joints, bones, and skin. Increasing demand for health supplements and processed food is expected to spur market growth through the analysis timeframe.

Based on form, the capsules segment is set to witness robust growth of 7.5% CAGR through the projected timespan. Capsules have certain advantages including faster reliefs and better drug absorption and are more effective than tablets. Hence, collagen-infused capsules will witness more demand, thereby providing impetus to the business.

In the context of application, the healthcare/pharmaceutical segment is set to witness strong growth through 2032. Collagen is extensively used in cosmetic surgery and with burn patients. Additionally, they are also used in a range of dental and orthopedic reconstructions and in other surgical procedures. Increasing and expanding medical infrastructure is going to foster the segmental growth in the upcoming time.

In the regional context, the collagen market in the North America region is likely to grow at a steady rate of 8.5% CAGR through the analyzed timeframe. There is a noticeable increase in the demand for nutraceutical products due to a rising inclination toward healthy food habits, prevention of diseases, and a boost in physical performance, which will augment the market demand between 2023 and 2032.

Some of the important companies, that are currently functioning in this market are Nutra Food Ingredients, Connoils LLC, Nitta Gelatin, Gelnex, PB Leiner, Titan Biotech Ltd., Vital Proteins LLC, Gelita AG, Nippi Inc, Lapi Gelatine SPA, Kenny & Ross Ltd, Weishardt Holding SA, Vinh Hoan Corporation, Amicogen Inc, Rousselot, and Crescent Biotech.