The Small Arms Market Report 2022-2032: This report will prove invaluable to leading firms striving for new revenue pockets if they wish to better understand the industry and its underlying dynamics. It will be useful for companies that would like to expand into different industries or to expand their existing operations in a new region.

Small Arms Market is Driven by Multiple Factors
Political unrest, increased participation in shooting and hunting sports, and increased demand for law enforcement and self-defense are all driving the arms market. The introduction of severe rules regulating the possession and procurement of weaponry, as well as the strict enforcement of anti-hunting legislation, are hampering the market’s growth. The firm is expected to benefit from increased efforts to combat terrorism. Because of increased demand from civilian uses such as self-defense and sports, the small arms industry is likely to grow. In recent years, the increased prevalence of armed violence and terrorism has driven a significant number of civilians to purchase small weapons in order to protect themselves. The same motivation is driving law enforcement and military forces around the world to invest in cutting-edge weapon systems, such as handguns and rifles. Factors like as rising cross-border disputes, rising wars, rising incidences of terrorism, and rising civilian use are predicted to promote the growth of the small arms market. Increased small arms purchase by law enforcement agencies and armies is being pushed by several fights against terrorist organisations, particularly in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions.

The International Threat Of Small Arms Proliferation And Misuse
One of today’s most significant security issues is the illicit proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons . Each year, tens of thousands of people are killed or injured in battles predominantly waged with these weapons, as well as in crime-ridden neighbourhoods outside of conflict zones. They are also the preferred weapons of many terrorists. Despite its flaws, the PoA has aided international efforts to prevent the uncontrolled proliferation and misuse of these lethal weapons. Increasing the number of signatories to key treaties, establishing best practise standards, removing surplus stockpiles, improving national legislation, and raising awareness about the issue are all part of these activities. In some places, progress has been significant. The global campaign sponsored by the United States to halt the illegal trade in Man-Portable Air Defense Systems is particularly notable (MANPADS).

Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine Has Fortuitously Given Several Top Weapon Manufacturers With Lucrative Economic Prospects
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has fortuitously given several top weapon manufacturers with lucrative economic prospects, which they have lauded. According to news sources from the United States, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, two of the world’s most advanced weaponry manufacturers, were publicly assuring their investors that the Ukraine crisis was good for business. Raytheon specialises in air defence systems, particularly guided missiles such as the lethal man-portable FIM-92 Stinger system, which single-handedly accelerated the Soviet military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989 after the Mujahideen used it to down Russian helicopter gunships with lethal accuracy. Stinger versions – which cost $119,300 per missile without launchers and supporting equipment – were license-built in Germany by the European multinational EADS and would very certainly be part of the EU arms package to Ukraine. Lockheed Martin, on the other hand, produces directed energy weaponry, hypersonic technologies, and integrated air and missile defence systems, in addition to a plethora of other items such as fighters, helicopters, and naval systems.

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  • What will be the main driver for the overall market from 2022 to 2032?
  • Will leading small arms markets broadly follow the macroeconomic dynamics, or will individual national markets outperform others?
  • How will the market shares of the national markets change by 2032 and which geographical region will lead the market in 2032?
  • Who are the leading players and what are their prospects over the forecast period?
  • What are the small arms projects for these leading companies?
  • How will the industry evolve during the period between 2020 and 2032? What are the implication of small arms projects taking place now and over the next 10 years?
  • Is there a greater need for product commercialisation to further scale the small arms market?
  • Where is the small arms market heading? And how can you ensure you are at the forefront of the market?
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Global Small Arms Market (COVID Impact Analysis)

  • Market Value (USD Million)
  • Market Volume (Cumulative Million Units)

Global Small Arms Market (COVID Impact Analysis) by Ownership

  • Civilian
  • Military
  • Law Enforcement

Global Small Arms Market (COVID Impact Analysis) by Hand Gun Type

  • Revolvers
  • Pistols
  • Derringers
  • Machine Pistols
  • Other Hand Guns

Global Small Arms Market (COVID Impact Analysis) by Type

  • Hand Guns
  • Sub-Machine Guns
  • Mortars
  • Landmines
  • Grenades
  • Other Type

Global Small Arms Market (COVID Impact Analysis) by Firing System

  • Gas-operated
  • Recoil-operated
  • Manual

Global Small Arms Market (COVID Impact Analysis) by Technology

  • Guided
  • Unguided

Global Small Arms Market (COVID Impact Analysis) by Action

  • Semi-automatic
  • Automatic