The automotive, agriculture, and construction equipment (ACE) industries is witnessing an increase in the R&D and deployment of protective paints and coatings. Leading automotive coating producers are developing solutions which enable faster preparation and drying times. Coating producers emphasize on paints which enable painters to make small scratch repairs without using costly clear coatings. Additionally, with stricter environmental regulations and industry efforts, development of water-borne coatings that minimize waste and reduce airborne emissions is also prominent. 

The report titled ‘Disruptive Innovations in Coatings for Automotive and ACE applications’ highlights the regional and global trends in the development of coatings for automotive and ACE vehicles. The report also aims to provide insights on the innovation ecosystem and material advances related to coatings intended for automotive and ACE applications. The report will also highlight noteworthy research and development efforts, product development efforts, new launches, industry initiatives and key patent activities and focus areas across the globe. Apart from the coating solutions, the report will also deep-dive into the technology capability, readiness level and commercialization prospects of available and emerging enabling technologies. The research also highlights the growth opportunities for coatings poised to revolutionize the automotive and ACE industry in the next five to six years