Table of Content

1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Research Scope
1.2 Research Methodology
1.3 Future Opportunities for Coatings are Aligned with the Design of Future Electric Vehicles
1.4 Perceived Benefits Boost Customer Preference towards Automotive and ACE Coatings

2.0 Industry Overview
2.1 Coating Developers Value Chain in the Automotive, Agriculture, and Construction Equipment Industry
2.2 End Users are Key Decision Makers in the Value Chain
2.3 Most Regulations are Focused on Reducing Fuel Emissions
2.4 Standards are Focused on Testing the Functional Aspects of Coatings
2.5 The US and Germany are the Key Technology Hubs
2.6 More Clearcoats are being Adopted for Automotive Exteriors
2.7 Material Handling Equipment and Bulldozers are the Key Application Scope in ACE
2.8 Additives and Sealers also Constitute Key Coating Ingredients
2.9 Powder Coatings and Mono-coats Comprise a Major Share of ACE Coatings and Materials
2.10 The Application Potential of Automotive and ACE Coatings is Vast
2.11 Waterborne Acrylics are Gaining R&D Focus
2.12 Epoxy Coatings which are Highly Stable are Under Research
2.13 Polyurethanes Enhance Bondability of Coatings to Substrates
2.14 Glass and Ceramic Microspheres are Emerging to Offer Faster Dry Times
2.15 Self Healing Materials Would Be Used in Anti-Scratch Paints
2.16 Nanoceramics Find Potential in Coatings for High Temperature Sustenance
2.17 Diamond Like Carbons (DLCs) Coatings is Under Demonstration Stage
2.18 PAVCD and Industry 4.0 are the Key Trends Enabling Technology Developmen
2.19 Liquid Nitriding Offers Customized Modification of Substrates
2.20 Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition Process Enables Tailored Coating Thickness
2.21 Industry 4.0 Facilitates Adoption of Smart Coating Solutions Primarily Designed for Future Cars

3.0 Innovation Ecosystem
3.1 Research Institutions Focusing on Developing New Automotive Coatings
3.2 Academia Focusing on Developing Enabling Technologies
3.3 Key Stakeholders are Focused on Developing Solvent-free Coatings
3.4 Cost Efficient Coating Equipment are Being Developed
3.5 Technologies Available for Licensing are Focused Towards Both New Materials and Enabling Technologies
3.6 Companies Collaborating to Develop Intumescent Automotive Coatings
3.7 VC and Private Funding on Rise to Develop New Coatings
3.8 Key Patents Focused on Anti-Corrosion and Superhydropobic Coatings in Automotive
3.9 Most Patents have been Filed for Moisture Resistance and Weather Resistance for ACE Applications
3.10 Manufacturing scale up and IP Protection are

4.0 Growth Opportunities
4.1 Growth Opportunities: Focus on Multifunctional Coatings and Enabling Technologies can Increase Market Reach
4.2 Growth Opportunities: The Five Major Prospects
4.3 Strategic Imperatives: Critical Success Factors
4.4 Future Coating Technologies Focus on Advanced Functional Attributes
4.5 Industry 4.0 and Atomic Layer Deposition are key Growth Enablers
4.6 The US Has Potentially the Highest Investment Capacity, Whereas Chinese Stakeholders Lead on the Research Front

5.0 Key Contacts
5.1 Select List of Industry Contacts
5.1 Select List of Industry Contacts

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