Building information modeling (BIM) digitizes the functional and physical aspects of the project in the construction sector, providing more visibility and easing the decision-making process in the entire lifecycle. Apart from 3D (width, height and depth) modeling, BIM also consists of other dimensions such as 4D (time), 5D (cost), 6D (Sustainability) and 7D (facility management applications). With the ability to provide real-time cost advice and detailed design in the construction and operational stages, BIM surely raises the quality of the industry to a much higher level. Newer versions of BIM platforms have the potential to provide sustainable improvement in the bottom line profitability by using technologies such as AI, AR/VR, cloud, Big Data and IoT.      

This presentation will focus on:
  • Overview of building information technology
  • Key application areas of BIM – Use cases
  • Companies that are actively involved in the development and commercialization of BIM technology
  • Highlight some of the key investment trends and partnerships
  • Key technologies emerging in BIM and future roadmaps