Table of Content

Table of Contents
1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Research Scope
1.2 Research Methodology
1.3 Research Methodology Explained
1.4 Growth Opportunities - BIM

2.0 Overview – Building Information Modeling
2.1 Overview of Building Information Modeling
2.2 Unleashing the Full Potential of BIM Using Artificial Intelligence

3.0 BIM Market Overview
3.1 Market Size – Global BIM Market
3.2 Key Market Driving Factors
3.3 Key Market Challenges

4.0 Areas of BIM Implementation
4.1 The Transformative Impact of BIM Cuts down Latency across Construction Industry, Helping Companies take Faster Decisions
4.2 Structural Engineers are Incorporating BIM into their Workflows for Better Collaboration and Faster Delivery of Projects
4.3 BIM has the Potential to Transform Healthcare Operations and Maintenance to Enable Health and Well-being of General Public
4.4 New Technologies, such as AI, AR/VR and Big Data are Advancing the Design and Implementation of Projects

5.0 Companies to Watch: List of Companies Offering BIM Software
5.1 Companies to Watch – Company 1: Bexel Manager
5.2 Companies to Watch – Company 2: Skanska
5.3 Companies to Watch – Company 3: STR Vision
5.4 Companies to Watch – Company 4: Vectorworks
5.5 Companies to Watch – Company 5: Autodesk
5.6 Companies to Watch – Company 6: Archidata Inc.
5.7 Companies to Watch – Company 7:SrinSoft
5.8 Companies to Watch – Company 8: ENGworks
5.9 Companies to Watch – Company 9: RIB Software SE
5.10 Companies to Watch – Company 10: Karno Energy

6.0 Key Partnerships and Investments
6.1 Participants in the Ecosystem are Partnering to Develop New Functionalities Using BIM Technology
6.2 Governments are Allocating Funds to Encourage Businesses to Use BIM Technology in their Construction Projects

7.0 Analyst Insights
7.1 Advancements in Generative Design and Software Algorithms will Drastically Change the Designing and Building Process

8.0 Industry Contacts
8.1 Key Contacts
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