Plant-based alternatives to dairy products are booming more than ever. More consumers are switching to a completely plant-based diet. Once consumed only by people with a medically diagnosed food allergy or intolerance, today plant-based beverages and food also appeal to consumers who are seeking a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. As well as being a substitute, they are also consumed alongside dairy-based products and offer consumers new taste experiences.

At the beginning of 2019, the publisher  carried out a proprietary piece of primary research in the form of an extensive online study with 1,044 consumers of dairy alternative products in Canada, USA, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

The reports provides answers to the following questions:

  • How often do users consume dairy alternative products?
  • Which of the dairy alternative products do consumers know and buy?
  • How do consumers use it and where do they buy dairy alternatives?
  • To what extend have consumers replaced dairy products with dairy alternative products?
  • Has the consumer increased or reduced the intake of dairy alternatives?

  • What are the motivations behind your consumption of dairy alternative products?
  • How is the consumers purchasing behavior regarding brands and private label products?
  • How much more are consumers prepared to spend for dairy alternative products?

  • How satisfied are consumers with the current range?
  • How worried are consumers about particular characteristics regarding dairy alternatives?
  • How important are specific trends regarding dairy alternatives?
  • How interesting are new alternative products?
  • What are the expectations for a new dairy alternative products and for the taste of dairy alternative drinks compared to cow's milk?
  • How does the target group of dairy alternative products look like?

This report highlights insights into consumer usage, behavior and motivations regarding dairy alternative products; furthermore, it points out how to improve the current range of dairy alternatives and helps enhance our understanding of the current target group of these products. Cluster Analysis identified 3 different buyer personas.