This study will benefit those who are interested in learning about how business models are evolving in the security industry and potential opportunities in this segment. It discusses the key aspects of security business models and identifies use cases in various types of service-based models being adopted to address security capability requirement by end users. This study also details drivers, restraints and trends, and their impact on new business models in security. All security industry participants and the rest of the industry verticals will benefit as this is a visionary study investigating the big picture perspectives of ‘servistization’ of security and the revenue models being pursued to achieve security objectives: how it is evolving in the future. Technology companies who are looking to feed into the digital transformation mega trend across industries will also benefit from this study as they will get to understand their potential role in the future, thus enabling them to make key business decisions. This research is aimed at identifying transformation in the industry eco system. Emerging business models currently being adapted by security industry stakeholders can be converted to opportunities for revenue/market share growth.

What makes our reports unique?
We provide diverse research services focused on existing and evolving markets across the aerospace, defense and security markets, covering them at global and regional levels. We provide specialist studies focused on specific product or market segments which provide deep-dive opportunities for strategists and investors who wish to learn about the future state of any ADS market or product in terms of addressable markets, opportunities and future disruptions.

Research scope
  • Product scope: Industry Mega Trends
  • Geographic scope: Global
  • End-user scope: All relevant stakeholders in CNI, commercial and government, and security stakeholders
Key issues addressed
  • How are business models evolving in security?
  • What is the importance of data and how is it being monetized in the security industry?
  • How is digital transformation shaping the way security products and services are offered?
  • What are the major compelling factors driving the emergence of new business models in the security industry?
  • Which business model will become the most preferred in each security process/application?
  • What impact do new business models have along the security value chain