This report was prepared by a senior American analyst working for a U.S.-based company. Topics covered include New Era in Space, Original Space Race, Space Industry Market Size, Fifth Cycle, Space Economy, Perimeters, Space Race 1.0, Space Race 2.0, Defense and Military, Commercial Satellite Providers, Countries in Space, Global Involvement, Government Space Budgets, Regulations, Space Investments., Falling Launch Costs, Space Market by Segment, Cislunar Economy, Key Players, Old Guard, Private Companies, Government National Space Agencies , Space Mining and Resources, Asteroid Mining, Asteroid Mining Companies, CISlunar Development, Private Company Moon Plans, Lunar Propellants, Lunar Water, Nuclear Thermal Propulsion, Mining Lunar Pole Ice, Mining Issues, Return to Moon Cost, Lunar Plans Advancing Rapidly, Conestoga Cargo Transport, Space Nuclear Power, Mars 2020, Mars 2020 Rover, Rover Power System, MMRTG, Space Tourism, Sub-Orbital Reusable Vehicles, Private Astronauts, Virgin Galactic.

The report includes 40 figures and 9 tables.