Passenger Information System (PIS) market is an emerging device segment which is grabbing attention all over the globe. Growing need for real time access of passenger information is enabling the implementation of these systems. However, the usability of these PIS is limited to and largely dependent on the infrastructure present in the respective geographies.

North America is supported by developed PIS infrastructure which aids in the sales of PIS devices. Public Infrastructure is well developed and connectivity across the region is quite good, Emergence of social media and growth of smartphone technology is changing how passengers and commuters are accessing rail passenger information. Transit agencies in this region are recognizing the need for invest PIS Europe has a well-established infrastructure and investment is quite good when it comes to installation of PIS. Growing social media is also one of the factor for growth of passenger information system. Western Europe especially has a good network capability and connectivity, transit operators have equipped bus stops and train stations with vehicle locator systems that give waiting patrons up-to-date information on the status of pending service. Ticket purchasing is made convenient and fast through nearly ubiquitous selling points and off-board, automated fare collection. All these replacement of new devices from legacy system have resulted to grow PIS.

Passenger Information System in APAC region has evolved over the years. Mobility and growing information accessibility has compelled the organization to address the issue of PIS. Asia pacific region housing densely populated nations like China and India will witness greater need for Passenger Information Systems.

PIS in South America is still in infancy stage. Number of passengers travelling is increasing by day and need for PIS was felt more than before. Road and railway construction in on the rise owing to the growing population in the region. Hence, the need for PIS will also be high.