List of Figures
Figure 1: CapEx by Company Market Cap, 2018
Figure 2: Comparison of CapEx Change to Revenue Change, 2014-2018
Figure 3: CapEx Trends at Bio/Pharma Companies, 2014-2018
Figure 4: CapEx Trends at Bio/Pharma Companies 2014-2018 Compared to Base Year 2014
Figure 5: CapEx Spend and Growth Rate for Mega Cap Companies
Figure 6: Total CapEx Spend by Company HQ Location
Figure 7: CapEx as a Proportion of Revenue by Country
Figure 8: Mid Cap CapEx as a Proportion of Revenue by Country
Figure 9: Cash Spent on Dividends, Share Repurchase, and CapEx by Mega Cap Companies (excluding Roche), 2014-2018
Figure 10: Capital Expenditure for Leading Public CDMOs, 2018
Figure 11: Companies with the Highest Number of Projects Completed, 2019-2025


List of Tables
Table 1: Composition of Bio/Pharma Companies, 2018
Table 2: Analysis of Identified CapEx Projects with 2018 Completion or Later
Table 3: Location of Identified CapEx Projects
Table 4: CapEx Projects Completed 2016-2018
Table 5: CapEx Projects Completed 2019 or Later