Table of Content

2020 Global Economic Outlook—Executive Summary
Covid-19 Global Economic Impact—Visioning Scenarios
Global, Advanced, and Emerging Markets Growth
Global Economic Outlook 2020—Top 5 Predictions
Global Economic Outlook 2020—Top 5 Predictions (continued)
2020 World GDP Growth Snapshot
Major Economies—Key Predictions for 2020

Connected Car—Executive Summary
2019 Highlights—Predictions versus Actuals
Top Predictions for 2020
Automotive OS Landscape
Embedded Telematics Progression
Connectivity—5G in Automotive
Data Monetization—Key Use Cases
HMI—Elements of Future UX
Features on Demand—Customer Research Findings
Hook Model to Capture Connected Car Customers
Connected Car—Regional Highlights
Connected Car—Regional Highlights (continued)

Research Scope, Objective, Background and Methodology
Research Scope and Objectives
Definitions of Connected Cars and Connectivity
Research Background
Research Methodology

Market Updates and Themes
Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 Updates
Digital Cockpits and Large Displays Continue to Hog the Dashboard
Recent Connected Car Partnerships and M&A

2020 Connected Car Trends—Features
Trend 1—Emergence of AR, VR, and MR
Case Studies—MBUX and JLR 3D
Trend 2—Driver Monitoring with Biometrics
Driver Monitoring Systems—Companies Active
Trend 3—V2X Adoption
V2X—OEM Deployments and Future Outlook
Trend 4—Future of In-vehicle Marketplace
Marketplace—OEM Platform & Services Comparison
Trend 5—In-vehicle Payments: Business Models
In-vehicle Payment—Technology Partnership Categories
Trend 6—Evolving Automotive Audio, 2030
Case Studies—Automotive Audio: Harman and Continental
Trend 7—Future of Connected Cars Driven by Tech Giants
Tech Giants—Comparative Analysis
Trend 8—Regulations Affecting Connectivity

Auto IT and Data Monetization Trends
Trend 1—IoTization of the Connected Car
Automotive IoT Platform Capabilities
Case Study—VW’s Transformation into a Tech Company
Case Study—Daimler’s eXtollo Cloud Platform
Trend 2—Automotive Blockchain: Use Cases and Companies
Automotive Blockchain—OEM Engagements
Trend 3—Data Monetization: Key Use Cases
Analysis of Global Data Monetization Use-cases
Case Study—Continental Data Collection
Trend 4—Cybersecurity Start-ups: Strategic Partnerships & Funding
Cybersecurity—Vehicle Security Operations Center (VSOC)

Solution/System Trends
Automotive OS Landscape
Digital Assistants
Digital Assistants—Partnerships
Embedded Telematics Roadmap
Case Study—BMW & PSA
Connected Services Trends
Connected Services—New Packaging Structures
HMI Trends
HMI—Elements of Future UX
OEM Navigation Overview
Automotive Audio—Trends and Drivers
Tier I Suppliers—Overview

Connected Car—Market Forecast
Region-wise Connected Cars Forecast
Global Embedded Telematics Unit Shipments Forecast
Navigation Market Landscape
Global HMI Market Penetration—2019 to 2022
V2X Unit Sales Forecast 2025
Global UBI Market—Market Share of TSPs and Insurance Companies
Smartphone Interfacing Technologies

OEM Comparative Analysis
Competitive Landscape—Connected Services (Europe)
Competitive Landscape—HMI (Europe)
European OEMs’ App Integration Summary
European OEMs’ Telematics Services Summary
European OEMs’ HMI Features Comparative Analysis
North American OEMs’ App Integration Summary
North American OEMs’ Telematics Services Summary
North American OEMs’ HMI Features Comparative Analysis
Chinese OEMs’ App Integration Summary
Chinese OEMs’ Telematics Services Summary
Chinese OEMs’ HMI Features Comparative Analysis

Growth Opportunity Analysis
Transformation in Connected Car Industry Ecosystem—2020
Growth Opportunity—Downstream Business and Revenue Streams
Connected Cars—Strategic Imperatives

Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
Legal Disclaimer

Abbreviations (continued)
Abbreviations (continued)
Abbreviations (continued)
Market Engineering Methodology
List of Exhibits
List of Exhibits (continued)
List of Exhibits (continued)
List of Exhibits (continued)