Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Top Takeaways for 2020
Top Trends for 2020
Issues to Watch
Unit Outlook
Platform Delivery Breakdown by Region—2019

Research Scope and Segmentation
Research Scope
Research Aims and Objectives
Commercial Aerospace Fleet Segmentation
Key Questions this Study will Answer

Key Global Commercial Aircraft Production and Delivery Trends
Unit Outlook—Regional Aircraft
Unit Outlook—Narrowbody Aircraft
Unit Outlook—Widebody Aircraft
Total Aircraft Production—(2017–2029)
Boeing—Delivery Outlook
Boeing—Production Outlook
Airbus—Delivery Outlook
Airbus—Production Outlook
Boeing-Airbus—Widebody Aircraft Production Share
Boeing-Airbus—Narrowbody Aircraft Production Share
Production Forecast—(2018–2029)
Production Revenue—2019
Production Revenue Forecast—(2020–2029)

Regional Breakdown—Asia-Pacific
Regional Analysis—APAC
APAC—Key Findings

Regional Breakdown—North America
Regional Analysis—NA
NA—Key Findings

Regional Breakdown—Europe
Regional Analysis—Europe
Europe—Key Findings

Regional Breakdown—Middle East and Africa
Regional Analysis—MEA
MEA—Key Findings

Regional Breakdown—Latin America
Regional Analysis—LATAM
LATAM—Key Findings

Key Trends to Watch—Global Commercial Aerospace
Trend 1—Digitalization
Trend 1—Digitalization (continued)
Trend 2—Vertical Integration
Trend 2—Vertical Integration (continued)
Trend 3—Electrification
Trend 3—Electrification (continued)

Platform Outlook
Program Update—Airbus
Program Update—Boeing

Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Growth Opportunity 1—Digitalization Platforms
Growth Opportunity 2—Emerging Technologies
Growth Opportunity 3—Vendor Opportunities
Growth Opportunity 4—Global Partnerships
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth

Key Conclusions
Key Conclusions
3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer

Abbreviations and Acronyms Used
Aerospace, Defense, and Security (ADS) Research Areas/Capabilities
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List of Exhibits
List of Exhibits (continued)
List of Exhibits (continued)