This analysis will evaluate the global commercial aircraft fleet and aftermarket opportunities in 2018. The commercial aerospace aftermarket is growing in line with the global commercial aircraft fleet.

The aftermarket can be divided into line maintenance, heavy check maintenance, and engine overhaul. The market segmentation is based on multiple criteria: airlines, airframe and engine OEMs, aircraft types, aircraft models, modifications, and the type of aftermarket supplier. This research highlights market trends along with technology Mega Trends and growth opportunity areas.

The United States generates the largest demand for aftermarket spending at both the regional and global levels. However, in recent years, the Asia-Pacific region has surpassed the North American region to reach the top spot, in terms of fleet size and aftermarket spending. This research study investigates the changing dynamics of the commercial aircraft fleet, the workforce that maintains the aircraft, and aircraft components in the aftermarket. In addition to regional comparisons, a comparative analysis of how countries stack up against each other, in terms of aftermarket size, is included.

This study further focuses on the trends in the global commercial aircraft aftermarket; the current commercial aircraft aftermarket spending in the country by aircraft manufacturer and aftermarket segment; and also presents a commercial aftermarket country benchmarking index globally (aftermarket size and fleet size). Finally, it offers a detailed discussion on the global commercial aftermarket outlook, including technology Mega Trends in aviation MRO, use cases to illustrate the trends, and the technology maturity curve of aftermarket service providers.

Research scope
This study focuses only on the global commercial aerospace aftermarket.
  • To provide a strategic review of the commercial aviation sector, both in terms of airline fleet and aftermarket spending.
  • To identify market trends and technology Mega Trends that will shape the commercial fleet and aerospace aftermarket.
  • To evaluate and present growth opportunities for commercial aerospace stakeholders.

Key issues addressed
  • What is the fleet size of commercial aircraft categorized by airline type, manufacturer, category and model?
  • What is the current commercial aftermarket spending by segments such as MRO, airline operator, aircraft or component OEM, and category?
  • What are the trends in the global commercial aerospace aftermarket?
  • What are some opportunities in specific segments of the commercial aircraft aftermarket space?    
  • What are the key Technology