Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Key Findings
Key Trends Transforming the Autonomous and Connected Landscape
Growth in Connected Vehicles and Data
Different Layers of Automotive IoT Platform—Overview
Data Management Strategies Adopted in the Market
OEM—Technology Partnerships for Cloud
OEMs With In-house Strategies
VW Future Strategy—In-house Software Development
Automotive Cloud Platform—Future Opportunities
Automotive Cloud—Key Vendor Highlights
Automotive Cloud and Data Management—Current Vs. Future Outlook

Research Scope, Objectives, and Background
Research Scope
Key Questions this Study will Answer
Research Background

OEM Cloud Platform—Market Trends
Different Layers of Automotive IoT Platform—Overview
Global Automotive IoT Ecosystem—Participants
Key Applications of Automotive Cloud
OEM Approach Towards Cloud and Data Management
OEM Analysis—Connectivity and Cloud Partnerships
OEM Cloud Platform Analysis
Automotive Cloud—Key Vendor Highlights
Service Delivery Partners—Key Vendor Highlights
Future Opportunities for Automotive Cloud Platform

Connected Services
Global Connected Cars Forecast
Connected Services Through Cloud
Rise in Connected Vehicle Services
OEM Data Management Strategies—Connected Services
Deployment Model Analysis for Connected Services
Case Study: BMW Connected Services Architecture
Case Study: VW Automotive Cloud
Case Study: Daimler’s eXtollo Cloud Platform

Autonomous Vehicles—Testing and Development
Market Volume of Automated Vehicles (L3/4) by 2030
AV Development Through Cloud
Autonomous Driving Services of the Future
OEM Data Management Strategies—AV Development
Automotive Cloud Platforms used for AV Development
Case Study: Toyota Research Institute and AWS IoT
Case Study: Audi’s AV Development

Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Automotive Cloud Growth Opportunities
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth—Automotive Cloud Platform

The Last Word
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer

List of Exhibits
List of Exhibits (continued)