Table of Content

Executive Summary
Executive Summary—5 Big Predictions for Aftermarket eRetailing
Executive Summary—Global Aftermarket eRetailing Snapshot
Executive Summary—Global Aftermarket eRetailing Growth
Executive Summary—Aftermarket eRetailing Penetration (2026)
Executive Summary—Global Snapshot of Key Local Market Participants
Executive Summary—eCommerce Value Chain Evolution
Executive Summary—Global Heatmap of Aftermarket Parts Retailing
Executive Summary—Key Findings and Future Outlook

Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology
Research Scope
Research Aim and Objectives
Key Questions this Study will Answer
Research Methodology
Research Background
Channel Participant Definitions

Global Automotive Aftermarket eRetailing—Overview
Global Automotive Aftermarket eRetailing—Outlook
Global Aftermarket eRetailing Dashboard
Global Revenue Share—2016, 2019, and 2026
Opportunity Mapping by Parts Category
Points of Sale in Automotive Aftermarket eRetailing
New Business Models in eRetailing
Stakeholder Activity in Customer Journey
Digital Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)–eRetailing in Aftermarket
Key Trends Impacting Online Aftermarket Retailing
Key Challenges in Online Aftermarket Retailing
Legislation Impacting eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket
Legislation Impacting eRetailing in the Aftermarket (continued)

Global Automotive Aftermarket eRetailing—Competitive Analysis
Percent Revenue Breakdown by Participant Type
Key Participants by Region
Global Aftermarket eRetailing—Competitor Mapping
Global Aftermarket eRetailing—Competitor Mapping (continued)
Competitive Landscape—Emerging Heavyweights
Competitive Landscape—Emerging Heavyweights (continued)
Amazon’s Aftermarket Strategy—Ansoff Matrix
Alibaba’s Aftermarket Strategy—Ansoff Matrix
Mercado Libre’s Aftermarket Strategy—Ansoff Matrix
eBay’s Aftermarket Strategy—Ansoff Matrix
Oscaro’s Aftermarket Strategy—Ansoff Matrix
Tuhu’s Aftermarket Strategy—Ansoff Matrix

Country Analysis—North America
Country Snapshot—North America
eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket—North America
Competitive Landscape—North America
O2O—Selling Tires Online: Goodyear
O2O— and AAP
Targeted DIFM eRetailing—Amazon and eBay

Regional Analysis—Europe
Country Snapshot—United Kingdom
eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket—United Kingdom
Country Snapshot—Germany
eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket—Germany
Country Snapshot—France
eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket—France
Country Snapshot—Italy
eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket—Italy
Country Snapshot—Spain
eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket—Spain
Country Snapshot—Russia
eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket—Russia
Competitive Landscape—Europe
Targeted DIFM eRetailing—Avatacar (France)

Country Analysis—India
Country Snapshot—India
eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket—India
Competitive Landscape—India
O2O—Selling Accessories (myTVS)

Country Level Analysis—China
Country Snapshot—China
eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket—China
Competitive Landscape—China
Targeted DIFM eRetailing—SAIC (China)
Targeted DIFM eRetailing—Tuhu (China)

Country Analysis—Brazil and Mexico
Country Snapshot—Brazil
eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket—Brazil
Country Snapshot—Mexico
eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket—Mexico
Competitive Landscape—Brazil and Mexico

Future of eRetailing in the Aftermarket
Future eRetailing Channels
Channel 1—In-car Marketplace
On-the-go Retailer Services Leveraging on Car as a Marketplace
Amazon Alexa for Cars
On-demand Service Landscape Movement
Car as an Access Point of Service
Existing Car Delivery Services
Channel 2—Service Marketplace
Service Marketplace Opportunity Mapping
OES Engagements With Service Marketplaces

Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Growth Opportunity in Aftermarket eCommerce
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth

Conclusions and Future Outlook
5 Big Predictions for Aftermarket eRetailing
Legal Disclaimer

Market Engineering Methodology
List of Exhibits