SenseTime Partners with Macau’s Kiang Wu Hospital to Advance Smart Health Application with AI

Thursday 16 December 2021, Macau

SenseTime Partners with Macau’s Kiang Wu Hospital to Advance Smart Health Application with AI

SenseTime signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kiang Wu Hospital at the first BEYOND Expo in Macau

SenseTime, the world's leading artificial intelligence (AI) software company, has established a strategic partnership with Jinghu Hospital, one of the largest and oldest hospitals in Macau, to promote the intelligent health application and research of artificial intelligence.

The partnership announced during the BEYOND Expo in Macau is based on the deployment of multiple artificial intelligence modules on the SenseCare intelligent health platform of SenseTime in the past year. It aims to further accelerate the adoption and research of artificial intelligence technology in the healthcare field and create wisdom. A new paradigm for hospitals.

SenseTime’s proprietary SenseCare platform is a high-performance diagnostic and treatment assistance platform which provides various AI-powered tools for different clinical departments. Following the phase-one deployment of the Cardiac Computed Tomography Angiography (CTA), Lung Computed Tomography (CT), Chest X-Ray modules in December 2020, Kiang Wu hospital has continued to expand the use of SenseCare platform with Liver CT, Carotid CTA, Radiation Therapy (RT) Contour, Liver Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and more, achieving nearly 100% utilization rate for many of them, which demonstrates the reliability of SenseCare and the strong confidence from doctors.

The complex and labor-intensive 3D reconstruction for coronary CTA had long been a big challenge for the hospital and seriously limited daily patient throughput. Leveraging SenseCare Cardiac, radiologists can now use intelligent toolkits for fully automated, high-precision 3D segmentation and reconstruction that help quickly analyze plaques and stenoses in coronary arteries. The entire process for conducting 3D post-processing has been shortened from 15-20 minutes to only 2-5 minutes, significantly reducing doctors’ workload on manual operations. The software also supports the automatic generation of films and structured reports in multiple formats. Compared with the previous two years without the assistance of AI, the hospital’s monthly throughput of cardiac CTA nearly doubled in 2021.

Meanwhile, the SenseCare Lung CT has effectively boosted the detection rate and accuracy in Lung CT images for early-stage diagnoses. The powerful AI assistance has helped the hospital maintain workflow efficiency during the COVID-19 outbreak. So far, the SenseCare platform has improved the medical imaging efficiency at Kiang Wu Hospital by around 50% on average, providing AI assistance for tens of thousands of cases.

As a leading hospital in Macau, Kiang Wu Hospital’s success in utilizing AI to support clinical workflows and daily operation is setting a new paradigm of a smart hospital. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Kiang Wu Hospital to empower doctors with reliable AI assistance. In line with our principle of human-centric AI development, we hope this partnership will bring high-quality medical services to the patients at the hospital and elevate Macau’s healthcare standards. We will further explore the collaborative development of smart health across the Greater Bay Area and co-create a vibrant smart health ecosystem with our industry partners.” said Dr. Zhang Shaoting, Vice President, Deputy Head of Research, and Head of Smart Health Business at SenseTime.

This cooperation is another milestone in the development of SenseTime in the global smart health field. With the continuous enrichment of the SenseCare platform and the regional deployment mechanism of the interconnection of medical consortia, SenseTime looks forward to accelerating the frontier research of artificial intelligence in the medical field, pushing smart health applications to more regions, and benefiting more people around the world.

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