Managed SD-WAN services industry is likely to register at a CAGR of over 33% between 2024 to 2032. The increasing adoption of cloud-based applications and services across enterprises necessitates robust and flexible networking solutions to ensure optimal performance and security.
According to the sources, as many as 89% of companies used a multi-cloud approach. While 80% took a hybrid approach, utilizing public and private clouds. Yet, 97% of IT leaders still intend to expand their cloud systems further. These services offer businesses the ability to optimize their network infrastructure, prioritize critical applications, and dynamically route traffic based on changing needs, thereby enhancing productivity and user experience.

The growing complexity of network environments, fueled by the proliferation of IoT devices, remote workforces, and distributed applications, underscores the need for centralized management and control. Managed SD-WAN services provide businesses with centralized visibility and control over their entire network infrastructure, enabling efficient monitoring, troubleshooting, and policy enforcement across diverse locations and network links.

Managed SD-WAN services industry is divided based on services, enterprise size, application, and region.

Large enterprise segment is anticipated to witness substantial growth through 2032, driven by complex and geographically dispersed networks, with diverse requirements for connectivity, security, and performance. Managed SD-WAN services offer these organizations a comprehensive solution to optimize their network infrastructure, streamline operations, and enhance agility. Moreover, large enterprises typically have extensive IT resources and budgets, enabling them to invest in advanced networking technologies and managed services to address their evolving business needs.

Government segment is estimated to generate high revenues for the market by 2032, as government agencies often manage extensive networks spanning various locations and departments, requiring scalable and efficient networking solutions to support their operations effectively. Additionally, the regulatory initiatives aimed at enhancing digital infrastructure and cybersecurity resilience, contribute to the segment growth.

Europe managed SD-WAN services industry size will witness rapid expansion between 2024-2032. The region’s diverse and dynamic business landscape, coupled with increasing digitalization initiatives across industries, drives the demand for agile and scalable networking solutions like SD-WAN. Additionally, stringent data privacy regulations necessitate secure and compliant networking solutions. The presence of established managed service providers (MSPs) with expertise in networking and cybersecurity will further stimulate the regional industry growth.