Residential Solar PV Module Market is expected to record 5.6% CAGR during 2024 and 2032, driven by advancements in solar technology, environmental awareness, and supportive government initiatives.

According to data published by Online Dasher in 2023, 72% of respondents were actively purchasing more eco-friendly products than five years ago, with 64% expressing a willingness to pay a premium for gasoline if it contributes to carbon emission offset through sustainability initiatives. The increasing environmental concerns and the need for energy independence are driving homeowners to invest in solar solutions. Government initiatives and incentives, coupled with advancements in solar technology, are further catalyzing the market expansion, resulting in reduced utility costs, increased property value, and the overall more sustainable lifestyle.

The residential solar PV module market is classified based on connectivity, mounting, and region.

The off-grid connectivity segment is set to gain prominence till 2032, as more homeowners seek energy independence and autonomy. Off-grid solar systems, equipped with energy storage solutions such as batteries, allow residents to generate and store their own electricity, reducing reliance on the traditional power grid. The segment is particularly appealing in remote areas or regions with unreliable grid infrastructure, providing a reliable and sustainable power source for residential properties.

The ground-mounted segment is expected to witness growth during the study period, due to its scalability and flexibility in terms of system size. Homeowners with ample outdoor space are increasingly opting for these systems, which can be customized to meet specific energy needs. This segment is popular for consumers looking to maximize energy production and achieve long-term cost savings through efficient solar power utilization.

North America residential solar PV module industry is poised to grow rapidly through 2032, driven by a surge in residential solar installations. Government incentives, favorable regulatory policies, and an environmentally conscious consumer base are driving the market in this region. Moreover, advancements in solar technology are making residential solar PV modules more efficient and cost-effective, thereby enhancing their appeal for the regional consumers.