Report Scope:
The current report provides detailed exposure to the MCD test market and highlights the current and future market potential of the tests along with a detailed analysis of the drivers and challenges in the market. The report also covers market projections for 2028. The report details the market share of MCD tests based on type and end user. The market is segmented into laboratory-developed tests and in-vitro diagnostic tests based on test type. The market is segmented into diagnostic laboratories, hospitals and research institutions based on end user. The report includes the company profiles of the key players with detailed information about their product portfolios and pipeline products. The study does not include single cancer early detection tests and detection tests for targeted therapies.

The regional markets covered are U.S., Europe and emerging markets.

Revenues are broken down by region, type and end user. For market estimates, data has been provided for 2020 and 2021 as historic years, 2022 as the base year, 2023 and a forecast for 2028.

Report Includes:

  • An overview of the global market for the multi-cancer diagnostic tests
  • Analyses of the global market trends, with historical market revenue data (sales figures) from 2020 to 2022, estimates for 2023, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2028
  • Highlights of the current and future market potential of multi-cancer detection tests along with a detailed analysis of the drivers and challenges in the market
  • Estimate of the market size and revenue forecast for the global market, and corresponding market share analysis by test type, end-user, and region
  • Overview of the significant driving trends and challenges that affect the global market and its vendor landscape
  • Discussion of sustainability trends and ESG developments in the multi-cancer diagnostic tests market, with emphasis on consumer attitudes, ESG score analysis, and the ESG practices followed
  • Information pertaining to the recent developments and upcoming technologies in the market
  • An analysis of the market competitive landscape featuring the company revenue share analyses, recent mergers and acquisition activities, and venture funding outlook
  • Company profiles of the major global players