The global grow lights market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 10.9% during 2024-2033. This report on global grow lights market report provides holistic understanding of the market along with market sizing, forecast, drivers, challenges, and competitive landscape. The report presents a clear picture of the global grow lights market by segmenting the market based on light source, offering, lighting type, installation type, watt, application, spectrum, sales channel and region. Also, detailed profiles of companies operating in the grow lights market are provided in this report. We believe that this report will aid the professionals and industry stakeholders in making informed decision.

Market Drivers
• Energy-efficiency and Longer Life
• Increasing Government Support for Controlled-Environment Agriculture

Market Challenges
• High Setup and Installation Costs
• Absence of Standard Testing Practices for Accessing Product Quality

Historical & Forecast Period

Base Year: 2023
Historical Period: 2019-2023
Forecast Period: 2024-2033

Market by Light Source
• High-intensity Discharge (HID) Lights
• Light Emitting Diodes
• Fluorescent Lights
• Other Light Sources

Market by Offering
• Hardware
• Software and Services

Market by Lighting Type
• Toplighting
• Interlighting

Market by Installation Type
• Retrofit Installations
• New installations

Market by Watt
• <300 Watts
• >300 Watts

Market by Application
• Greenhouses
• Vertical Farms
• Indoor Farms
• Research and Tissue Culture Laboratories
• Others

Market by Spectrum
• Full Spectrum
• Limited Spectrum

Market by Sales Channel
• Distribution Channels
• E-commerce Channels
• Direct Sales Channels

Market by Region
• Europe
   - Germany
   - United Kingdom
   - France
   - Italy
   - Spain
   - Russia
   - Netherlands
   - Rest of Europe
• North America
   - United States
   - Canada
• Asia Pacific
   - China
   - Japan
   - India
   - South Korea
   - Australia
   - Indonesia
   - Rest of Asia Pacific
• Latin America
   - Mexico
   - Brazil
   - Argentina
   - Rest of Latin America
• Middle East & Africa
   - Saudi Arabia
   - Turkey
   - Iran
   - United Arab Emirates
   - Rest of Middle East & Africa