Anti-drone technologies are used to prevent security breaches at private houses, prisons, commercial venues, government buildings, industrial installations, airports, border security, critical infrastructure, and military facilities. This system includes electronically scanned array (ESA), staring radar, and micro-Doppler. It is generally designed according to the requirements of the end user.
The Mexico anti-drone market is driven majorly by technological innovations and the demand for increased security measures. Drones can intervene in most of the operations and it is important to safeguard these. Thus, there is an increased demand for anti-drone technologies in the country to safeguard defense, industrial, and other sectors.
The increase in developments pertaining to different electronic systems plays an important role in the growth of anti-drone market in Mexico. There is a significant development in electronic countermeasures, such as jamming and signal manipulation technologies. Thus, it makes way for security concerns related to unauthorized drone activities. This increases the demand for anti-drone systems in the market. This increased awareness about the potential risks associated with drones further fuels the market growth in Mexico.
Drones are becoming difficult to detect and neutralize. Further, there are changes in the regulations of usage of drones in Mexico. Thus, it is difficult to balance security maintenance and privacy maintenance for the government in Mexico. This, in turn, limits the growth of the Mexico anti-drone market.
Surge in awareness for the need for anti-drone technology in various sectors, such as government agencies, military and defense, and commercial entities, presents lucrative opportunity for the Mexico anti-drone market. The increase in proliferation of anti-drone technologies also plays an important role in boosting the market growth. There is an increase in demand for ground-based, handheld, and UAV-based anti-drone systems to handle different challenges. This, in turn, is expected to foster the growth of the Mexico anti-drone market.
The Mexico anti-drone market is segmented into technology, platform type, application, and end use. By technology, the market is divided into electronic, kinetic and laser. By platform type, the market is fragmented into ground, handheld and UAV-based. By application, the market is categorized into detection, and disruption. By end use, the market is classified into government agencies, military and commercial.
By platform type, the ground segment occupied the largest share, while the handheld segment is anticipated to witness growth during the forecast period. This is attributed to increase in demand for drone guns, which are portable and hence can be majorly used for defense purposes.
There is an increase in investment in the military sector. Also, there has been an increased demand for detection techniques in emerging economies, which fosters the growth of the detection segment in the Mexico anti-drone market. RF jamming has gained popularity as it is known to cause disruption in the radio frequency link between the operator and the drone.
Major key players operating in the Mexico anti-drone market include Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Thales Group, Dedrone, DroneShield, Blighter Surveillance Systems, Rheinmetall AG, Elbit Systems, and Cerbair. These players have adopted new product development and research & development (R&D) activities to sustain the intense competition in the market.

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By Technology
? Electronic System
? Laser System
? Kinetic System

By Application
? Detection
? Disruption
By End Use
? Government
? Military and Defense
? Commercial
By Platform
? Ground
? Handheld
? UAV based
? Key Market Players
? Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)
? Autonomous Security Drone
? Falcon Shield
? Dedrone
? Airobotics
? Sky Surveillance
? Rafael Advanced Defense Systems
? Elbit Systems
? INAER Mexico