This research service consists of Trend Opportunity Profiles that cover the global aspects of retail services, featuring the most upcoming trends that cater to the retail industry. In addition, the study describes the opportunities for several sectors, such as FMCG, retail, ICT, business, and financial services.

Trend Opportunity Profiles Series covers specific opportunities emerging from future trend evolutions designed to help clients discover and prioritize the most consequential mid- to long-term trends transforming their business’ growth environment on an ongoing basis.

This study offers a set of transformative trends that will lead the future development of the retail industry, guide organizations to incorporate these trends by representing exemplary use cases, and suggest opportunities from the upcoming new business models that will enable growth.

This report gives an overview of innovative subjects such as community commerce, deferred payments, digital native vertical brands, emotionally augmented autonomous agents, hybrid shopping, re-commerce platforms, and NFTs in the metaverse.