The automatic tire inflation system market is projected to grow from USD 82 Million in 2023 to USD 138 million by 2028, at a CAGR of 10.7% during the forecast period.
The automatic tire inflation system market is largely driven by increasing fuel efficiency limits, demand for safety, favorable government regulations for tire inflation, improved performance on different driving surfaces, and improved tire life. The biggest challenge for this market is the high automatic tire inflation system cost.

“>100 HP agricultural tractors & construction equipment employs ATIS, and the demand is expected to increase.”
The farm vehicles sector holds the largest share in the off-highway vehicle segment. These vehicles require low tire pressure for better operation and high fuel efficiency. When tire pressure reduces, the tire’s footprint becomes broader, and the load circulates over a larger area. Load circulation helps decrease the motion resistance in soft soils. As the tire pressure reduces, the fuel efficiency and performance of the tires improve. The automatic tire inflation system lowers the tire pressure of agricultural tractors, which results in better fuel efficiency and high performance. The farm tractors ATIS market is anticipated to grow from USD 13 million in 2023 to USD 25 million by 2028, at a CAGR of 14.4%.

“Heavy duty vehicle segment accounts for the largest share in the ATIS market.”
Heavy-duty trucks and heavy-duty buses are considered under the heavy-duty vehicle segment. The nature of these vehicles limits their production volume and growth rates as they are used in specific applications such as logistics, construction, and mining. The demand for automatic tire inflation systems in heavy-duty vehicles is expected to be driven by favorable government regulations for installing automatic tire inflation systems in commercial vehicles. These tire inflation systems are commonly found in various types of trucks, including commercial trucks, semi-trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and off-road trucks.

The demand for automatic tire inflation systems in heavy-duty vehicles in North America is increasing.
One of the leading suppliers, Meritor, has installed the Meritor Tire Inflation System in all major model trailer axles in North America. The company has already equipped ATIS on more than 1 million trailers to date. The presence of such major players and the developments undertaken by them are responsible for the growth of the region’s ATIS market. Improper tire pressure has been one of the most widespread reasons for bursting tires. Improper tire pressure can increase downtime and decrease fuel efficiency. For example, Werner Enterprises decided to equip its 24,000 vans with the Meritor Tire Inflation System. About 3,900 Wabash National trailers have the automatic system, and a steady retrofitting operation is underway on the rest.

The rising demand for tire inflation systems in buses and trucks in North America is driven by the need for safety, compliance, cost savings, extended tire life, convenience, efficiency, and environmental considerations. As the industry continues to prioritize these factors, the adoption of tire inflation systems is expected to grow further.

The Heavy vehicle segment is estimated to lead the market in value during the forecast period due to the higher demand for ATIS systems in heavy-duty vehicles.
The increase in tire life and fuel efficiency is the key factor driving the ATIS market growth in heavy-duty vehicles. Europe is expected to be the fastest growing second largest automatic tire inflation system market.

Europe is home to major tire inflation system manufacturers renowned for innovations, cutting-edge R&D, and technological advancements in tire inflation systems. WABCO (Belgium), Michelin (France), SAF-HOLLAND (Luxembourg), TI Systems (Germany), Tibus Offroad (Germany), Nexter Systems (France), and Raytech Group (Austria) are the European players offering automatic tire inflation systems. Europe is home to many leading automobile OEMs, such as BMW, Daimler AG, Volvo, and Volkswagen Group. These OEMs have ATIS in their models. Volvo FH, Scania R-Series, Mercedes-Benz Actros, DAF XF, and MAN TGX are some of the truck models with optional features such as a tire inflation system. Germany is the largest market in the European region. Germany is home to major companies like PTG (Michelin), TI Systems, and Tibus Offroad operating in the ATIS market. PTG partnered with Mercedes Benz and MAN to provide the Semi-automatic Tire Inflation System (STIS) fitted in their new vehicles.

Furthermore, Trelleborg and Dana jointly develop a central tire inflation pressure system for agricultural machinery. Germany has the highest vehicle production in Europe and, thus, dominates the European automatic tire inflation system market in terms of volume and value. The country also has a robust demand for ATIS in commercial vehicles due to the increased use of large heavy-duty vehicles. Major European Tier-I suppliers such as TI Systems and Michelin have manufacturing facilities in this country. With growing vehicle production in Turkey, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia, the automatic tire inflation system market in the Rest of Europe is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10.8% during the forecast period.

In-depth interviews were conducted with CEOs, marketing directors, other innovation and strategy directors, and executives from various key organizations operating in this market.

  • By Company Type: Automatic tire inflation system Providers – 70%, Automotive OEMs - 30%
  • By Designation: C Level - 50%, Directors- 30%, and Others – 20%
  • By Region: Asia Pacific - 60%, Europe - 20%, North America –5%, and RoW-15%

Dana Incorporated (US), MICHELIN (France), IDEX Corporation (US), Enpro Industries (US), MERITOR (US), SAF-HOLLAND (Germany), and CLAAS (Germany) are the prominent players in the automatic tire inflation system market.

Research Coverage:
The study segments the automatic tire inflation system market. It forecasts the market size based on By Type (Central & Continuous Tire Inflation), By Component (ECU, Compressor, Rotary Union, Buffer Tank, Air Delivery System & Pressure Sensor), By On-Highway Vehicle (Light-duty Vehicle & Heavy Duty Vehicle), By Off-Highway Vehicle (Agricultural tractors & Construction Equipment), Electric Truck, By Propulsion (BEV, PHEV, FCEV), Automatic tire inflation system, By Propulsion (BEV, PHEV, FCEV), By Sales Channel (OEM & Aftermarket), Agricultural tractors, By type (Central & Continuous Tire Inflation), construction equipment, By type (Central & Continuous Tire Inflation) & By Region (Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, and the Rest of the World [RoW]).
The study also includes an in-depth competitive analysis of the major automatic tire inflation system manufacturers, their company profiles, key observations related to product and business offerings, recent developments, and key market strategies.

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