The report examines the most relevant decarbonization strategies that the chemical industry is currently implementing across the globe. The analysis covers decarbonization from the standpoint of the basic chemicals (ammonia, chlor-alkali, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, methanol, and olefins) and technologies (electrification, efficiency, renewable energy & heat, circular economy, carbon capture, and green hydrogen). Each segment describes the current decarbonization scenario, examines how the industry is addressing the same, and identifies the new challenges that have emerged resultantly.

There is a strong demand in the chemical industry for solutions to decarbonization challenges, specifically to address issues relating to energy efficiency, energy infrastructure, renewable energy procurement, data procurement, data management, and carbon accounting. The study includes an analysis of the decarbonization strategies being implemented by the most important chemical companies in the world and identifies the growth opportunities emerging from the developments and challenges in the industry for stakeholders and market players to leverage.