The Global Digital Water Solutions Market is anticipated to grow at a robust pace in the forecast period, 2024-2028, owning to the rise of smart technologies used worldwide. The global population is rapidly growing, and the constant rise in demand for quality water for a variety of uses, as well as the gradual acceptance of digitalization, is one of the solutions that reduce water-related difficulties.

It opens up new opportunities?using the capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor systems aids in the transition from traditional to more innovative and advanced methods.

The two most important forces driving the growth of the global digital water solutions market are higher demand for high-quality water services and increased digitization of the distribution sector. While utility firms create carbon pollution and intelligent water technologies, the digital water solutions business is expected to grow over the predicted timeframe. While the global digital water solutions business is predicted to grow, the lack of digitally proficient people is a hindrance.

Water utilities may now integrate business activities more effectively, thanks to technological advancements, propelling them towards success. Combining a range of new Technology may improve the overall running efficiency of the water network with minimum physical expenditure. These breakthroughs and intelligent infrastructures are employed within the innovative water sector to produce unique solutions for clients. Intelligent solutions are expected to gain appeal and desired momentum in the following years as people become more concerned about water quality and technology advances.

Adoption of Software and AI and ML-Based Data Analytics Solutions
The adaptation of AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) based data analytics solutions, and Digitization, are the first steps in the shift. The digital data can be used to develop innovative water solutions for cities, buildings, and private homes. The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is the backbone over which water data moves in both directions, between the edge and control centers. With digital connectivity and operational efficiency, the regions covered by digital water solutions improve quality of life and significantly decrease water shortages. IoT in water utility applications includes the usage of smart water meters, blockchain applications, and smart wastewater treatment systems to enhance water quality, propelling the global digital water solutions market.

The Replacement of Aging Water Infrastructure.

Due to technological advancements, the replacement of old water infrastructure is becoming a key source of taking efforts to improve digital water solutions. Companies that provide industrial cleaning services to towns, power plants, commercial buildings, and other facilities provide a variety of technologies and services. The good news is that this Technology is continually improving, making it simpler for municipalities and other end-users to ensure that they are getting clean and efficient water pipeline services. As a result, the increased use of smart technology by firms is driving market growth.

In 2022, the Software Sector will Account for Most of the Revenue in the Global Digital Water Solution Market.

The global digital water market is divided into three segments based on solution type: hardware, software, and services. During the forecast period, the software sector will likely dominate in revenue contribution to the worldwide digital water market. Intelligent water metering software solutions, wastewater treatment employing AI, blockchain technology, and other technologies are in great demand. Based on the IoT factory software platform, the intelligent solution water meter enables the integration of various sensors and water meters to monitor humidity, carbon dioxide (CO), temperature, smoke detection, or the presence of water. Such meters may also be used to manage water flow, get automated monthly bills, and receive leakage warnings, all of which are projected to promote the expansion of the software industry.

Market Segmentation
Global Digital Water Solutions Market is segmented By Technology, By Solution Type, and By Utility Tier. Based on Technology, the market is segmented into Metering & Customer Management, Network Management, Work & Asset Management, Plant Management, and Information Management. Based on Solution Type, the market is segmented into Hardware, Software, and Services; based on Utility Tier, the market is segmented into Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.

Market player
Major market players in the global Digital Water Solutions Market are Autodesk Innovyze, Schneider Electric, Bentley Systems, Minsait, Atonix Digital, Aqueduct, TaKaDu, ABB Ltd, Assetic, Space-Time Insight, PowerPlan, Intelliflux Controls, Copperleaf Technologies, Analytical Technology, Inc and SUEZ.

Recent Development
• In Nov 2022, Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital energy management and automation, announced significant enhancements to its popular digital twin tools for water and district energy utilities, EcoStruxureTM Water Cycle Advisor - District Energy (formerly ’Termis’) and EcoStruxure Water Cycle Advisor - Water Simulation (formerly ’Aquis’). These new developments, which are part of the software’s version 8.2, provide significant benefits to customers looking to utilize digital capabilities to ensure efficiency, quality, and insight across the water and district energy lifecycles. With advanced data and formula capabilities, as well as a variety of usability enhancements, Schneider Electric’s District Energy and Water Simulation deliver on the company’s promise to ensure maximum efficiency while supporting decarbonization, reducing water and heat loss, and optimizing network operations.

Report Scope:
In this report, the Global Digital Water Solutions Market has been segmented into the following categories, in addition to the industry trends, which have also been detailed below:
• Digital Water Solutions Market, By Technology:
  –Metering & Customer Management
  –Network Management
  –Work & Asset Management
  –Planning System
  –Remote Monitoring
  –Information Management
• Digital Water Solutions Market, By Solution Type:
• Digital Water Solutions Market, By Utility Tier:
  –Tier 1
  –Tier 2
  –Tier 3
• Digital Water Solutions Market, By Region:
• North America
  –United States
• Asia-Pacific
  –South Korea
• Europe
  –United Kingdom
• South America
• Middle East & Africa
  –Saudi Arabia
  –South Africa

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