The Global POU Water Purifier Market size is expected to reach $29.6 billion by 2029, rising at a market growth of 6.4% CAGR during the forecast period.
A water purification device called a POU (point-of-use) water purifier is made to clean water right where it is consumed. Numerous technologies, including UV, RO, and UV+RO, remove or minimize impurities while maintaining water quality. POU water purifiers are commonly installed at a single water connection on the countertop of a residential or business building and beneath the counter of a bathroom or kitchen sink.
Drinking water from untreated sources, such as rivers, lakes, and wells, is purified using portable, self-contained water purifiers. Water purifiers disinfect the water by eliminating dangerous germs and the tiny Cryptosporidium parasites that can cause diarrhea. The majority of places where water purifiers are utilized are homes and businesses. Additionally, they are utilized by campers, military personnel, hikers, and employees who live in places with a shortage of drinking water as well as by those in disaster-prone areas. These water purifiers are also sometimes referred to as point of use water treating Systems.
Protozoa, parasitic worms, bacteria, algae, viruses, and other bacteria and pathogen infections lead to the development of waterborne disorders. When polluted water is consumed, it can result in illnesses including cholera, campylobacteriosis, lead poisoning, malaria, and others like diarrhea and typhoid. These illnesses are brought on by consuming raw, contaminated drinking or surface water when showering, washing dishes, or eating food.
Consumers are growing more worried about their health and leaning toward filtered water to reduce the danger of waterborne diseases as awareness of and access to information about waterborne diseases grows. The government and industry are also running water campaigns to raise awareness of water filtration and surface water treatment. As a result, consumers are gravitating toward POU water purifiers because of increased awareness of the importance of safe and clean drinking water, which is anticipated to fuel market expansion for these devices.
COVID-19 Impact Analysis
The rise in demand for point-of-use water purifier systems in the residential sector is a result of the culture of working from home. The point-of-use water purifier market is experiencing growth due to growing demand from customers for high-quality drinking water, rising health concerns, and the convenience of purchasing these devices through retail channels. As a result of strict government regulations put in place by various nations, businesses are concentrating on producing environmentally friendly point-of-use water purifying systems, fueling their popularity and fostering market expansion for POU water purifier both during and after the pandemic.
Market Growth Factors
High number of population prone to waterborne illnesses
Contaminated drinking water poses a significant health risk as it can transmit various diseases, including but not limited to diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio. It is estimated that such contamination causes approximately 485,000 diarrheal deaths annually. Access to safe and adequate water is crucial for promoting hygiene practices, which are essential in preventing diarrheal illnesses, acute respiratory infections, and various neglected tropical diseases. Thus, the high amount of people suffering or prone to waterborne diseases will increase the requirement for water treating systems like POU water purifiers, propelling market growth.
Increase in industrial operations raising demand for water purification systems
The presence of heavy metals in the water supply system has been on the rise over the past few decades, primarily due to the increase in industrial activities. The toxic effects of heavy metals on health make their presence in the environment a significant concern. A variety of metals, including lead (Pb), Cd, Zn, manganese (Mn), copper (Cu), mercury (Hg), nickel (Ni), and chromium (Cr), can be found in both agricultural and industrial wastewater. It is important to reduce the amount of heavy metal content in wastewater prior to discharge, which is expected to raise the demand for POU water purifiers to treat the contaminated water and therefore aid in the market growth.
Market Restraining Factors
The high cost of production and maintenance
The cost of reverse osmosis filters and ultra-violet filters is high. A workforce with technical skills is necessary to achieve optimal design and comply with standard regulations. This results in an increase in production costs for filters. The operational expenses of point-of-use water purifier systems are contingent on the necessary filters and technology. RO water purification systems typically entail greater maintenance expenses than alternative systems. To ensure water output quality, replacing the purifier filters every three to six months is necessary. The system’s elevated maintenance and operational expenses result from this.
Type Outlook
Based on type, the POU water purifier market is segmented into countertop filters, under the counter filters and others. The under the counter filters segment acquired a significant revenue share in the POU water purifier market in 2022. This is because under the counter water dispensing systems have a higher flow rate, allowing for efficient and quick bottle filling. Typically, these systems are installed beneath the kitchen counter. Additionally, these filters are space-efficient and easy to install without the need for extensive modifications.
Technology Outlook
On the basis of technology, the POU water purifier market is divided into UV, RO, UV & RO and others. The RO segment held the highest revenue share in the POU water purifier market in 2022. This is because RO technology is a commonly utilized method in water purifiers for eliminating impurities from unfiltered water. The influx of new players in the water purifier industry can be attributed to the growing consumer awareness of waterborne diseases. In addition, the RO water purifiers segment is experiencing growth due to innovative marketing techniques employed by various companies and increased popularity among high-end customers.
End User Outlook
By end-user, the POU water purifier market is classified into household and commercial. The commercial segment garnered a prominent revenue share in the POU water purifier market in 2022. The growth is attributed to the significant growth of the business sector due to the increasing demand for commercial spaces and the establishment of new offices. Furthermore, large-scale water purification systems installed in light commercial buildings offer similar benefits to compact filtration units used in residential settings. The mentioned factors and the constant growth of the water purifier is expected to propel the segment’s growth.
Distribution Channel Outlook
Based on the distribution channel, the POU water purifier market is bifurcated into B2B and B2C. The B2C segment registered the highest revenue share in the POU water purifier market in 2022. This is because the majority of water purifiers are purchased in brick-and-mortar stores, and brand loyalty is more easily established in rural regions of emerging economies. The offline market plays a critical role for consumers residing in those areas. By adopting a B2C eCommerce model, POU water purifier providers can reduce expenses related to infrastructure, electricity, staffing, and other associated costs.
Regional Outlook
Region-wise, the POU water purifier market is analyzed across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and LAMEA. The Asia Pacific region generated the highest revenue share in the POU water purifier market in 2022. The Asia-Pacific region represents the primary market for point-of-use water purifiers. Brand penetration is more robust in developed countries of the region. In the Asia-Pacific region, there is a growing demand for domestic water purifier units, particularly in metropolitan areas and large cities. This is due to the increasing levels of microbiological and chemical contamination in surface water supplies.
The major strategies followed by the market participants are Acquisitions. Based on the Analysis presented in the Cardinal matrix; Panasonic Holdings Corporation are the forerunners in the POU Water Purifier Market. Companies such as A. O. Smith Corporation, Culligan International Company and Pentair PLC are some of the key innovators in POU Water Purifier Market.
The market research report covers the analysis of key stake holders of the market. Key companies profiled in the report include Panasonic Holdings Corporation, A. O. Smith Corporation, Pentair PLC, The Katadyn Group, Culligan International Company (Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Ltd.), KENT RO Systems Ltd., Ace Hygiene Products Pvt. Ltd., Brondell, Inc., Crystaline Water Master Co., Ltd. And Amway Corporation.
Strategies Deployed in POU Water Purifier Market
Product Launches and Product Expansions:
Jul-2022: Panasonic unveiled a TK-CB430, a Panasonic Under-sink Water Purifier and TK-CJ600 and TK-CJ300, a PANASONIC Faucet Water Purifier. The Under-sink Water Purifier features Easy cartridge replacement, Under Sink Tankless Design, and Three-cartridge Purification to remove 99.99% of Bacteria and viruses. Moreover, The Faucet Water Purifier consists of 4000 L of lasting clear water, High performance-activated carbon, and removes 99.99% of bacteria and 17 substances.
Apr-2021: Katadyn announced the launch of BeFree Gravity 6.0 Liter and 10 Liter water filters, the lightweight filter systems. The launched product makes sure a safe supply of drinking water from lakes and streams can be taken anywhere because of its small collapsible design. The product features hollow fibre filtration technology combined with EZ-Clean Membrane to always ensure safe drinking water for groups available.
Oct-2020: AO Smith rolled out the ProPlanet series, a 5-star-rated water purifier in terms of water savings. The launched water purifier consists of Silver Charged Membrane Technology and reverses osmosis that offers 100% RO-purified, baby-safe water, using an eight-stage purification process. The product’s design amplifies saving water and promotes a greener environment.
Dec-2020: Pentair introduced the FreshPoint? Easy Flow Under Counter Filtration System. The drinking water system installs rapidly and simply and offers filtered, refreshing water directly from the tap for around a year with a single filter. The product makes it simpler to have better-tasting water directly from any available tap.
Apr-2020: AO Smith released X7+, the technologically developed innovative water purifier. The product features 8-stage purification, patented side stream RO membrane, and TDS Max technology with mineralized technology to make sure that customers be served purified water from any source of water - borewell or tanker water and municipal water, etc.
Acquisitions and Mergers:
Dec-2022: Culligan International combined Waterlogic Group Holdings, a company engaged in designing, manufacturing, distributing, and offering purified water dispensers. The merger aims to deliver water solutions and services globally for consumers at home, at leisure, at work, and on the go.
Jun-2022: A. O. Smith Corporation completed the acquisition of Atlantic Filter Corporation, a water treatment company based in Florida. This acquisition broadens A.O. Smith’s ability across Florida and beyond. The acquisition fits A.O. Smith’s commitment to serving customers with integrity and honesty.
Oct-2021: Pentair plc completed the acquisition of Pleatco, a manufacturer of water filtration and clean air technologies. The acquisition would enable the company to offer air filtration products for its industrial customers. The company would sell its filter products through Pleatco’s distribution channels also.
Dec-2020: Pentair plc took over Be the Change Labs, Inc., d/b/a Rocean, an innovative technology provider in sustainable, smart, water solutions. The acquisition advances its strategy to broaden its core water treatment products in the domestic and commercial water business and enables Pentair to continue serving customers in various ways and also support its effort to build a more sustainable future.
Mar-2020: Culligan took over AquaVenture Holdings Limited, a water purification company. Following this acquisition, Culligan would keep the Quench operating segment of AquaVenture, the provider of filtered, bottle-free drinking water systems and services. This addition would improve Culligan’s position in the consumer water market and align with its strategy of offering safe, clean, and soft-tasting waters to consumers globally.
Scope of the Study
Market Segments covered in the Report:
By Technology

    • RO
    • UV
    • UV & RO
    • Others

By Type

  • • Countertop Filters
    • Under the Counter Filters
    • Others

By Distribution Channel

  • • B2C
    • B2B

By End user

  • • Household
    • Commercial

By Geography

  • • North America

o US
o Canada
o Mexico
o Rest of North America

  • • Europe

o Germany
o UK
o France
o Russia
o Spain
o Italy
o Rest of Europe

  • • Asia Pacific

o China
o Japan
o India
o South Korea
o Singapore
o Malaysia
o Rest of Asia Pacific

  • • LAMEA

o Brazil
o Argentina
o Saudi Arabia
o South Africa
o Nigeria
o Rest of LAMEA
Companies Profiled

  • • Panasonic Holdings Corporation
    • A. O. Smith Corporation
    • Pentair PLC
    • The Katadyn Group
    • Culligan International Company (Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Ltd.)
    • KENT RO Systems Ltd.
    • Ace Hygiene Products Pvt. Ltd.
    • Brondell, Inc.
    • Crystaline Water Master Co., Ltd.
    • Amway Corporation

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