This study offers insight into North American OEMs’ over-the-air update (firmware-over-the-air [FOTA]/software-over-the-air [SOTA]) strategies.The key player segments OTA updates into 12 categories: Powertrain; Infotainment Services; Connected Services; Advanced Driver Assistance System/Autonomous Driving ADAS/AD; Chassis; Remote Services; Bug Fixes; User Manuals; Health, Wellness, and Well-being (HWW); Passive Safety; Active Safety; and Comfort/Convenience.

The study analyzes various OEMs headquartered in North America that have adopted OTA updates; it breaks down the number of OTA updates each company offers for each category. OEMs, including Tesla, Ford, GM, Rivian, and Lucid, are profiled for their OTA capabilities. A detailed sketch of the penetration of these services along with subsegment penetration for each OTA update type is also available for the respective OEMs.

The study also examines OTA update market growth drivers and restraints and analyzes a few use-cases for automakers, including Tesla and GM. 3 growth opportunities are discussed, and this study offers recommendations to market participants to leverage them.