The use of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) for last-mile deliveries grew significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, in line with efforts to promote contactless deliveries. The development has helped improve public perception of unmanned systems and provide policymakers with guidelines to develop a coherent regulatory framework capable of enabling the integration of UGVs into delivery workflows. This study analyzes how different market participants leverage this development to implement unmanned solutions for last-mile deliveries. For practical purposes, the market is segmented by platform size, with a special focus on small UGVs, which possess the highest adoption rate due to the lower security risks and flexibility to navigate sidewalks.

Artificial intelligence is a major technology trend to enable the adoption of autonomous navigation in UGVs, improving safety and delivery times. Growth restraints include public concerns about privacy and security since UGVs are equipped with cameras and sensors to avoid obstacles.

This report covers the most relevant growth opportunities for companies operating in this space, be it delivery platforms or developers of unmanned solutions, and how to leverage these opportunities to achieve growth.