Recreational vehicles (RVs) are increasingly popular across Europe for the freedom, flexibility, comfort, and convenience of a house for travel, camping activities, and temporary accommodation. The growing RV market is attributed to the ever-expanding demand to travel in comfort and style. Motorhomes are the most popular type of RVs, followed by campervans and caravans.

Europe’s RV market comprises many players that add value through their products. The major categories are traditional OEMs, such as Ford, Fiat, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Citroen, and Iveco, while assemblers include Adria, Groupe Pilote, Knauss-Tabbert, and Trigano, which procure chassis or vehicles from OEMs to modify or build custom RVs.

Applications for these vehicles are wide, including camping, adventure activities, and custom-built vehicles (e.g., food trucks and emergency vehicles). Overall, the European RV market segment is expected to grow in the coming years to meet the high demand for vehicle ownership and rental services amid challenges, such as strict regulations on vehicle sizes, emission norms, and other environmental impacts.

This study provides a comprehensive overview of Europe’s RV market ecosystem, examining the leading market participants and their go-to-market strategies. It seeks to:
  • Illustrate Europe’s RV market using the case studies of different players
  • Analyze the various types of RVs with comparisons of different brands by segment, price, features, and regulations
  • Study technological advancements in the RV industry
  • Identify opportunities in RV electrification
  • Explore growth opportunities in the RV industry for the Europe market