IR LED Market is estimated to record a positive trajectory during 2023-2032 owing to the increasing adoption of IR LED packages for surveillance and security cameras. Increasing smart city initiatives and the growing demand for security & surveillance cameras on streets and roads to ensure citizen safety will also drive the market growth. Security cameras are deployed with a series of IR LEDs that help transmit light at night or as and when the camera is switched to night mode. These cameras can detect invisible IR wavelengths, enabling them to perform efficiently in the dark.

Overall, the IR LED market is segmented in terms of spectral range, application, end-use and region.

Based on spectral range, the Short-wave Infrared (SWIR) LED segment will accrue notable gains by 2032. Product benefits such as enhanced image quality and cost-effective operations will positively influence the short-wave infrared (SWIR) imaging technology market. Besides, SWIR imaging is beneficial for environmental monitoring, such as detecting leaks in pipelines, monitoring vegetation health, and detecting air pollution, thus propelling the SWIR LED market in environmental applications.

By application, the biometric segment will gain huge momentum during the estimated timeframe. Touchless biometric systems, such as facial and voice recognition, can be integrated into access control systems, mobile devices, and kiosks. The IR LED technology is crucial for enabling touchless biometric systems as it can illuminate individuals’ faces or eyes to capture accurate images for identification or authentication purposes without physical contact.

Considering the end-user, the automotive segment captured more than 140 million market share in 2022. Increasing demand for advanced safety & convenience features in vehicles will positively influence the growth of the IR LED market. Increasing deployment of ADAS and safety systems to empower users monitor and assist in-vehicle functions such as automated parking and cruise control will propel the automotive sensor market.

Regionally, the Europe IR LED industry will exhibit strong growth through 2032. The expanding advanced security & surveillance sector in countries Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom, will create huge demand for Infrared (IR) LEDs, thus fueling the regional market share. Besides, with the rising concerns regarding security & safety, the demand for these systems is increasing, driving the IR LED market growth.