For more than a decade, cloud has been a critical force powering digital transformation efforts for enterprises around the world. Hyperscalers, such as AWS and Microsoft, that provide infrastructure- and platform-as-a-service offerings to clients across various industries have been dominating the market. In the past three years, a new chapter in cloud computing adoption has begun, one marked by verticalization and the rise of industry clouds.

Increasingly, public cloud providers have been using the traditional cloud capabilities from their tech stacks as a base and then tailoring their horizontal solutions to address specific industry use cases. They then extend their offerings by co-innovating with third parties to add more vertical-specific functionality to the baseline offering. This micro-vertical IP empowers enterprise customers with the capabilities needed to solve the discrete problems in their verticals as well as address new opportunities for innovation and growth.

In this growth opportunity analytics, Frost & Sullivan digs deeper into the concept of industry clouds, their growth trajectory, and the factors that drive their adoption. Discussion includes an examination of the competitive landscape, the most widely served verticals, and opportunities for growth in this sector.