The evolution of vending technology that enables stocking and dispensing a wide range of PPE irrespective of size and weight will boost update of PPE vending machines. To gain a competitive advantage, larger distributors/ MROs are offering vending machines at no cost but charging monthly subscription. The penetration of dual technology with vending machines and reverse vending machines will boost end-user sustainability and carbon footprint reduction efforts. Reduction in PPE misuse, thefts, and wastage will persuade employers to opt for vending machines. PPE consumption is expected to reduce by 30% to 50%, when using vending machines, thus creating a lucrative cost-control alternative.

The onus of inventory replenishment rests on distributors and vending service providers and reduces the requirement for an own/ leased warehouse; this and the increase in productivity will reduce the cost of PPE ownership and drive the adoption of PPE vending machines. As PPE is available 24*7 and easily accessible, it will reduce downtime significantly. A PPE vending machine ensures compliance, increases safety awareness, reduces on-the-job-hazard, and serves as a cost-effective option, as PPE usage can be easily tracked. PPE vending machines offer better inventory control and lower both the requirement for PPE stock-keeping personnel and the chances for manual errors.