This study examines the current state of the global commercial unmanned aerial system infrared technologies, highlighting the main drivers contributing to growth, restraints, trends, challenges, and main growth opportunities.

In 2022 the total market generated about $225.9 million in revenue. The most relevant applications of commercial UAS infrared technologies include agriculture, construction and infrastructure, energy, environmental monitoring, public safety, and oil and gas.

This study will introduce the reader to infrared technology and provide a snapshot of the best infrared sensors for commercial UAS applications. Infrared cameras measure an object’s heat radiation, and combined with UAS they offer various possible applications listed in this study. It also presents a list of the most significant market participants and a list of some thermal UAS models in the market, provides the regulatory framework for selected countries, lists some use cases of infrared technology in the UAS market space, significant commercial UAS infrared technologies investments, merger and acquisition activity and partnerships that impact the market.

Additionally, this study includes insights into how the market meets relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since UAS infrared technologies have several applications that positively impact the environment.