Personal Protective Equipment for Infection Control Market is anticipated to gain noticeable traction by 2032 due to the rising prevalence of infectious diseases from pathogens that evolved from other animal hosts. Besides, ongoing R&D initiatives, in light of deadly infections, including the COVID-19 pandemic, will further boost the industry growth in the ensuing years.

Overall, the personal protective equipment market for infection control market is segmented in terms of product, usability, end-use, and region.

Based on product, the hand and arm protection equipment segment accounted for over USD 10 billion in terms of revenue in 2022. Ongoing initiatives taken by several countries to increase healthcare spending and enhance infrastructure have benefited the medical gloves market positively. For instance, as per reports, the spending on health care in the USA grew by 2.7% in 2021 and reached a whopping USD 2.3 trillion or USD 12914 for an individual. In addition, the initiatives taken by the government to raise awareness regarding safety, hygiene, and chronic diseases will fuel the segmental expansion by 2032.

In terms of usability, the disposable segment will register notable gains through 2032 owing to the easy availability of disinfectants on every platform, such as online and offline pharmacies. Besides, rising awareness among people will stimulate the adoption of PPE. Citing an instance, as per statistics, in 2020 India was producing almost 450,000 PPE kits each day, and it was also revealed that in the last 2 months, the PPE industry had grown by 56 times.

Based on end-use, the ambulatory surgical centers segment acquired over 9% market share in 2022 and will further grow by 2032. The segmental growth can be attributed to the increasing establishment of temporary hospitals that are needed to accommodate the constantly rising population. Besides, failures in infection control in any healthcare setting, such as ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs), pose high risks to patients, owing to which the demand for PPE in such centers is anticipated to rise in the coming years.

Regionally, the North America personal protective equipment for infection control industry is anticipated to grow considerably through the estimated timeframe. The regional market growth will be accredited to the increasing adoption of infection control products along with constantly surging incidences of infections obtained from hospitals. In addition, several initiatives taken by the government to spread awareness regarding infection control will act as another major factor driving the demand for personal protective equipment for infection control market in the region.