The increasing urbanization and traffic congestion in major cities opens new opportunities for micromobility transportation. One such type of vehicle model is a microcar, a 4-wheeled passenger vehicle with a restricted speed limit and engine power. Usually, microcars can transport 4 people within city limits and can be used as cargo delivery vehicles for last-mile delivery applications.

This study offers extensive coverage of the global microcars market. Kei cars, A00 vehicles, neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs), quadricycles, and low-speed vehicles (LSVs) are microcars. In addition to an overview of microcar OEMs and a key model lineup, the study presents market drivers and restraints. It also draws a top-level comparison of vehicle specifications versus price. The study discusses case studies and applications of microcars and provides comprehensive insight into the market landscape. It examines market evolution and the regulations that govern these vehicles. The study also highlights technological trends in the microcars space.

By providing a comprehensive overview of the industry from multiple angles, the study seeks to:

  • Identify key global markets for microcars and important participants in each market
  • Recognize customer requirements based on target applications
  • Compare microcars and A-segment vehicles in terms of various stages in the value chain
  • Identify growth drivers and restraints and highlight future opportunities
  • Recognize recent partnerships in the market and highlight application areas