Global Melt-Blown Nonwovens Market is poised to grow steadily through 2032 owing to the stringent rules and regulations for wearing face masks given the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.

Various countries have been recommending the use of non-medical masks only for sick people while various other medical experts have advocated its use by healthy members for the general public, when outside. Such factors are poised to propel the market demand.

The industry for nonwovens is expanding as a result of new product developments, technological improvements, greater consumer awareness, and customer demand for nonwoven products. For instance, in 2021, Mondi announced establishment of its new production lines for melt blown nonwoven fabric and medical face masks at its Gronau site in Germany. The establishment seeks to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The melt-blown nonwovens market has been divided in terms of material, product, and region.

Based on material, the polyurethane segment is slated to expand at more than 4.5% CAGR from 2023 to 2032. Good compression set, transparency, elasticity, great durability to mechanical impact, as well as resistance to weather, oils, and greases are all the positive characteristics of polyurethane. Due to its benefits, polyurethane is frequently utilized in sectors including filtration, sportswear, medicine, personal hygiene, and many more. PPE kits also use non-woven textiles made of laminated thermoplastic polyurethane as well as thermoplastic elastomers.

With respect to product, the dual texture segment is estimated to grow substantially over the review timeline. Dual-texture melt-blown nonwovens are frequently utilized in sanitary applications including surface cleaning and other hygiene solutions. These products are often made to be around the size of a paper towel, with one side being smooth and strong and the other that has a slightly rougher texture.

From the regional front, the North America melt-blown nonwovens industry is speculated to attain more than $814 million market share by 2032. The disposable wipes market will potentially drive the North America melt-blown nonwoven industry. The growing awareness around hygiene in the region is prompted to boost the demand for disposable wipes, thereby influencing the regional market expansion. Additionally, the escalating demand for respiratory and surgical masks during the COVID-19 realm has increased the adoption of melt-blown nonwovens in the area.

The competitive landscape of the melt-blown nonwovens industry is highly recognized. Some of the major companies operating in the industry include Mogul, Kimberly-Clarke, DuPont, The Dow Chemical Company, Don & Low, Irema Ireland, Atex, and PFNonwovens (Pegas Nonwovens).