Industry digitalization increases automation on the factory floor through robots, cobots, and other autonomous machinery such as AGVs and AMRs. With rising adoption, associated issues like charging and maintenance draw focus as handling these autonomous vehicles without creating downtimes or disrupting their performance is a challenge. The ways to efficiently recharge these vehicles while in operation are evolving, resulting in a distinct market. The latest development is the wireless charging of AGVs and AMRs.

The key player analyzes charging trends and technologies for AGVs and AMRs across industries in this study. We also cover similar charging technology trends in passenger electric vehicles (EVs) to provide a comprehensive perspective.

Other information includes:
  • EV types classified by application
  • The latest disruptive trends in charging and their advantages and disadvantages
  • The functioning of the underlying technology
  • Major players driving the various charging trends, their products, and technology partnerships between companies
  • Estimates and forecasts
Through this report aims to offer stakeholders insights into the AGV/AMR wireless charging market and its opportunities until 2030.