India Blood Bags market stood at USD 46.99 million in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 66.51 million at a CAGR of 5.80% during the forecast period. The rise in the number of surgeries performed in India is likely to boost the market. According to a report, to meet the surgical demand for diseases estimated for 1,00,000 people in low and middle-income countries like India, there lies a need of nearly 5,000 surgeries. There were about two crore surgeries that were performed during FY20, out of which 80 lakhs were general including cholecystectomy, hernia, trauma, etc.) and 50 lakhs were gynecological (70% of them were C-sections). Blood loss during surgeries is the common cause of hemorrhage in patients. Therefore, it becomes necessary to transfuse blood to these patients at that very time. Thus, the increasing number of surgeries are associated with an increase in need for blood bags.
Despite constant emphasis on judicious blood use through appropriate components, there is a sizable demand for whole blood in the nation. The lack of information and awareness among doctors regarding component therapy, outdated clinical procedures, a lack of blood component separation units, and inadequate component separation are some potential causes of the rising need for whole blood. Therefore, the demand for whole blood in the country will foster the market for blood bags in India.
Increasing Road Accidents in India
Road accidents are increasingly causing fatalities and serious injuries, especially with the recent growth in motorization brought on by rising population and greater penetration of vehicles throughout the country. The leading cause of death worldwide and the main cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 49 are traffic-related injuries. In India, vehicle accidents resulted in more than 3.4 lakh injuries and around 1.3 lakh fatalities in the calendar year 2020.
Approximately 40% of the total deaths taking place from road accidents were a consequence of immoderate loss of blood before getting the medical assistance. Hypovolemic shock caused due to excessive bleeding is the main reason for the death of road accident sufferers.
The situation can be worsened when the clotting process is inhibited in patients suffering from a congenital bleeding disorder. Sustenance of these type of injuries may cause the development of internal bleeding which necessitates a surgery for rectification, ultimately demanding the restoration of lost blood.
Road accidents can prove to be very fatal and damaging requiring a fulfilment of the blood lost. This is a strong factor driving the industry of blood bags in India. Considering the above-mentioned reasons, it is evident that increasing number of accidents may cause the rising cases of blood loss which may ultimately increase the utilization of blood bags on the national level, thus, aggravating its market.
High Prevalence of Blood-Related Ailments
In the contemporary world, there has been a rising prevalence of blood-related illnesses. This can be largely attributed to transformations in the current lifestyle such as alcohol consumption, smoking and exclusion of physical activities from daily routine. Blood-related ailments include anemia, hemophilia, sickle-cell anemia, blood cancers (leukemia, lymphoma, thalassemia, etc.). In addition, the rates of hematologic diseases are also experiencing a hike. Additionally, the effects of additional disorders associated with hematology, including as hemoglobinopathies, hemolytic anemias, maternal hemorrhages, and iron-deficiency anemia, contribute considerably to India’s mortality and morbidity rates.
Also, it has been evaluated that there is a remarkable rise in the number of people that possess the trait of sickle-cell anemia (a genetic blood disorder originating from sickle-shaped red-blood cells requiring frequent blood transfusions). The recurrent transfusions for sickle-cell anemia are likely to drive the India blood bags market steadily in the upcoming years.
So, due to the rise in hematological disease prevalence along with an increase in subjects bearing sickle-cell anemia, there is a greater need for blood donations, and hence, blood bags.
Rise in Number of Blood Transfusions
Particularly in the young and adult population, blood cancer has been one of the leading causes of death, and the number of cases is rising every year. As per statistics, blood cancer affects more than two lakh people annually in affluent countries like the United States, but it affects more people in India. Blood transfusion treatments and bone marrow cell transplants have markedly expanded as a result of the rising incidence of blood cancers like leukemia. Moreover, cancer cases are also experiencing a growth in India and so is surgical oncology. According to some theories, patients with cancer are more likely than non-cancer patients to need blood transfusions. The risk of major blood transfusion, which is generally understood to be the transfusion of more than 10 units of packed red blood cells in a 24-hour period, is also unclear for a percentage of these individuals. Therefore, it could be concluded that increase in cancer cases in India can aid in flourishing the India Blood Bags market.
Government Initiatives
Keeping in mind the importance of blood to encourage India’s health infrastructure, the Indian government started various initiatives. This includes the establishment of the National Blood Transfusion Council to make sure that there exists a cooperativeness amongst the states, ministries, and health programs. Along with this, several CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) have also been the recipient of government’s support in order to build up the national blood ecosystem. These initiatives mainly emphasize on three factors regarding India’s ecosystem of blood- accessibility, affordability, and safety. Also, the e-blood service app is now aiding in the development of transparency in the blood donation program. For making the access of blood much easier during the pandemic time, the ’eBloodServices’ app was launched in collaboration with IRCS (Indian Red Cross Society). This app will help in creating awareness amongst people for the availability of blood and for donating it. This will also reduce the wastage of blood and help more transfusions to take place.
Market Segmentation
The India Blood Bags market is segmented based on product, type, volume, material, end-user and regional distribution. Based on Product, the market can be fragmented into Single Blood Bag, Triple Blood Bag, Double Blood Bag, Quadruple Blood Bag and Penta Blood Bag. Based on Type, the market can be split into Collection Bag and Transfer Bag. Based on Volume, the market can be divided into 450ml, 350ml, 150ml, 100ml, 250ml and Others. Based on Material, the market can be segmented into PVC, PET and Others. Based on End-User, the market can be classified into Hospitals and Clinics, Blood Banks, Ambulatory Surgical Centers and Others. Based on Region, the market can be divided into South, North, West and East.
Company Profiles
Terumo Penpol Pvt. Ltd., Mitra Industries Pvt. Ltd., Poly Medicure Ltd., HLL Lifecare Ltd., BL Lifesciences Pvt Ltd., Innvol Medical India Limited, Imperial Biotech Private Limited, Fresenius Kabi India Private Limited, Advin Health Care, Sai Kripa Enterprises, among others are some of the leading companies operating in India Blood Bags Market.
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In this report, India Blood Bags Market has been segmented into following categories, in addition to the industry trends which have also been detailed below:
• India Blood Bags Market, By Product:
o Single Blood Bag
o Triple Blood Bag
o Double Blood Bag
o Quadruple Blood Bag
o Penta Blood Bag
• India Blood Bags Market, By Type:
o Collection Bag
o Transfer Bag
• India Blood Bags Market, By Volume:
o 450ml
o 350ml
o 150ml
o 100ml
o 250ml
o Others
• India Blood Bags Market, By Material:
o Others
• India Blood Bags Market, By End-User:
o Hospitals and Clinics
o Blood Banks
o Ambulatory Surgical Centers
o Others
• India Blood Bags Market, By Region:
o South
o North
o West
o East

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