With potential applications in a variety of areas of the European economy, including healthcare, electronics, energy, and transportation, nanotechnology is a rapidly developing field of science. The technology is revolutionizing majorly every industry, while tremendously attracting worldwide attention. Owing to its wide range of uses, the Europe nanotechnology market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 14% during the forecasted period of 2022-2027. Thus, there lies a great opportunity for industry participants to tap the fast-growing market, which would garner huge revenue on the back of commercialization of the technology.

In the latest research study, “Europe Nanotechnology Market Forecast 2027”, RNCOS’ analysts have conducted segmented research on the nanotechnology industry, and have interpreted key market trends & developments that clearly highlight the areas offering the promising possibilities for industries to boost their growth. Due to factors like increased government and private sector investment for R&D, collaborations and strategic alliances across countries, and increased demand for smaller and more powerful gadgets at reasonable rates, the Europe nanotechnology industry is expected to grow significantly through the year 2021. The application of nanotechnology for the detection and treatment of chronic diseases including cancer, heart conditions, diabetes, etc. has made it one of the greatest industries in Europe at the moment. Additionally, important advancements are also being made in fields including electronics, environment, and energy.

In this report, the analysts have studied the current nanotechnology market on segment basis (by type, by application and by region), so as to provide an insight on the current market scenario as well as forecasts of the aforementioned segments till 2027. The report provides an in-depth analysis of all the major segments, taking into account the major developments taking place in the European Countries in the respective segments that will further boost the growth of the Europe nanotechnology market.

Additionally, the report covers the country-level analysis of 5 major countries including Germany, France, Switzerland, UK, and Spain among others in terms of R&D, nanotechnology patent analysis, funding and regulations, to provide an in-depth understanding about the investments and recent research & developments done in the field of nanotechnology.

Besides, the report covers the profiles of key players like ASML, STMicroelectronics, Bruker Nano Analytics, etc. providing a comprehensive outlook of the Europe nanotechnology industry. Overall, the report provides all the pre-requisite information for clients looking to venture in the industry, and facilitate them to formulate schemes while going for an investment/partnership in the industry.