The Europe coiled tubing market is likely to witness exponential growth by 2027 owing to rising penetration of mature wells, increasing demand for low cost technologies in oil well drilling, consolidating focus toward new exploration, rising production activities, and increasing investments toward the development of novel offshore projects.

In oil and gas sector, coiled tubing, also known as flexible tubing, is a long metal pipe which is encircled or rolled over a very large reel which is usually brought to the well location when any sort of workover activity or well repair is to be performed.

This is generally made from very low carbon alloy steel, ranging in diameter from 5 to 12 feet. CT or coiled tubing could also be straightened prior to being implanted into the wellbore as well as recoiled to coil back on the reel later. Coiled tubing is preferred over conventional straight tubing since the traditional tubing needs to be screwed together. In addition, coiled tubing does not need a workover rig.

The Europe coiled tubing market is segmented in terms of services, application, and regional landscape.

In terms of services, the Europe market for coiled tubing is classified into drilling, well completion, well cleaning, and well intervention. Among these, the well completion services segment will witness robust demand owing to the increasing demand for low cost technologies in oil well drilling and growing oil exploration and production activities.

Well completion is a series of processes performed on a drilled as well as cased oil & gas well to prepare it for production. It includes running production tubing along with downhole tools like pump, downhole safety valve, mandrels among others as needed.

Well completion also involves puncturing and stimulating the well, normally known as the frac. It could further include acidizing as well as nitrogen circulation as required. In addition, the completion process description as well as pump schedule usually tend to differ a little from one another.

On the geographical front, growing focus toward new exploration wells is anticipated to complement the adoption of coiled tubing units across the UK.

Ukraine is anticipated to clock in remunerative growth over the analysis timeline as the country holds the second largest gas reserves in Europe. Increasing investments toward the development of novel offshore projects will raise the demand for CT units in the country.

Denmark is forecast to register tremendous gains attributing to the rapidly rising penetration of mature wells across the nation. The regional landscape is projected to see a higher demand for coiled tubing systems, which will further fuel the production output.

Kazakhstan holds a significantly vast potential of natural resources which will institute a positive business scenario for suppliers of coiled tubing, offering its technology for the exploitation of the unexploited resources.