The Europe automotive start-stop battery market is set to record momentous gains over the forthcoming timeframe as consumer demand for electric and hybrid vehicles keeps increasing throughout Europe. Start-stop battery systems restart and shut down the vehicle engine automatically to effectively decrease the overall amount of time the vehicle engine is idling, cutting down significantly on emissions and fuel consumption.

During short journeys through densely populated roads, the vehicle battery is often subjected to a number of stop and start periods. If the vehicle is stationary at a traffic light with its engine turned off, electrical consumers like windshield wipers, lights, and the infotainment system still need power. Such conditions present a serious challenge for the vehicle batters, especially in cold weather conditions and for old batteries. These conditions have been actively fueling the start-stop battery market in Europe.

The overall Europe automotive start-stop battery industry is bifurcated into different segments on the basis of battery, vehicle, end-use, and regional landscape.

From a regional perspective, the market is divided into UK, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden, Ukraine, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Portugal, Romania, and Rest of Europe.

Among these, the UK start-stop battery industry is expected to record significant revenue growth as the growing adoption of hybrid electric vehicles in the region is creating favorable conditions for industry growth.

According to a survey conducted by UK-based price comparison website, comparethemarket, more than 8 million drivers are expected to make a shift towards electric vehicles, hybrids by the end of 2025 with more than 83% of surveyed motorists citing reasons such as growing confidence in the regiona??s charging infrastructure and increasing environmental concerns.

Additionally, the government of UK also offers a plug-in grant to vehicle manufacturers and dealerships that offers consumers a discount of up to A?3,000 if they chose to purchase a new low-emission vehicle. Such efforts combined with the changing consumer preferences are expected to create new growth opportunities for start-stop batteries in UK.

The Italy start-stop battery market is also slated to record an impressive rate of growth over the forecast timeframe owing to the increasing utilization of enhanced vehicle platforms. Similar to the UK, Italy also introduced an initiative to promote the adoption of low emission vehicles in 2018. Under the program, the Italian government set plans to offer up to a??6,000 to motorists that opt to buy a low emission vehicle.

Additionally, at the same time Italy had also proposed to increase taxes on diesel and petrol cars owing to concerns regarding climate change. The decision pushed regional automobile manufacturers to begin their shift towards improved vehicle platforms, leaving conventional ICE platforms behind. In fact, in 2018, Ferrari, announced that the company would completely switch to hybrid vehicles by 2022.

The Russia start-stop battery market is also slated to witness remunerative growth over the coming years. increasing demand for batteries that boast of with high cranking power is expected to boost product demand in the region. The countrya??s ongoing efforts to boost its domestic EV and hybrid vehicle market coupled with harshly cold climactic conditions are expected to make a positive impact on industry growth.